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Minecraft video



  • Blue Monkey 1 month ago

    Hope you all enjoyed the video! This took a while to make since there’s so many characters but I sure hope it was worth it. Looking forward to showing you what I have in store next. If you have a cool idea for an Alex and Steve adventure then leave it as a reply to THIS comment!!

  • Foysol Wahab 1 month ago


  • sakura chan tokyosia 1 month ago

    5555 poop fairy

  • Samko Kupec 1 month ago


  • Doughnut Delicious 1 month ago


  • Epic V.I.P. Girl 1 month ago

    Very cool animation, but I hate dragon city

  • Mark Demo 1 month ago

    I thought the first part was an ad XD

  • Alan Dudek 1 month ago

    that day my tooth fell out LOL

  • Nova Cold Ice 1 month ago


  • SHORTY10801 1 month ago


  • jimmy's animaties 1 month ago

    it’s leviOHsa

  • dan calin 1 month ago

    poop fairy

  • Erica Duh 1 month ago

    :-| :-|:-/

  • Snow Crafter 1 month ago

    Heres a idea why not make steve end up being a teacher for the day teaching young villagers but ends up needing alexs help because the villagers arent learning anything and later on in the episode alex and steve fights over who is the better teacher and both desides to teach there own class of villagers and then they see eachothers class and see which one is learning or behaving and well thats the winner i guess but of course steve cheats and gives the villagers candy so they will behave but gave to much and all the villagers well you no…
    hope you liked the idea you can mess around with it as much as you want if you did

  • Bethany White 1 month ago

    Alex looks cute without a tooth

  • Bethany White 1 month ago

    I thought Steve was gonna pull a prank on Alex in this one

  • Enjarey Vicera 1 month ago

    Haha poop fairy

  • B.F.B. SQUAD 1 month ago

    mmmmmmmm floating lazzania hahaaa i laughed sooo hard that i almost fell off my chair

  • Jake Abistado 1 month ago

    Alex: Are you the Tooth Fairy? Villager: Erm.. yes! I’m the ‘Poop Fairy’ Me: hahahahhahahahahhahha XD I will leave a like

  • Jake Abistado 1 month ago

    The Villager was so funny! it maid me laugh hahahahaha

  • bird fox king2018 1 month ago

    this not to bad other ones that I see like 2 years ago was cring hell

  • Larry Mumma 1 month ago

    Please make Alex and Steve get married!!!!!!!

  • Salva Corica 1 month ago

    ti adoro Alex

  • Alan Gamer 1 month ago

    (Poop fairy) lololol hhhhhh
    im gonna die hhhhhhhhh

  • BoomKat 1 month ago

    Shoot my lil cuz saw the thumbnail

  • Andy Laughlin 1 month ago

    Dragon city is Copyright from Monster leaguens

  • Choco Bro 1 month ago

    I think she doesn’t have any teeth so she uses others teeth and fit them in her mouth since she’s old

  • TheChosenCrafter 1 month ago


  • Botch500 1 month ago

    love it these never get old!

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