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Minecraft video



  • Betsy ????? 1 year ago

    /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000 is my fav

  • Jaymz Terlouw 1 year ago

    The most satisfying is that this video takes exactly 11 minuts

  • Chuckles1011 1 year ago

    Flat world made of tnt is fun

  • 18deadmonkeys 1 year ago

    killing that creeper 1 tick before it explodes

  • blazing dragon 1 year ago

    how bout killing that ender dragon? :3

  • shaikh muktar 1 year ago

    7:33 that’s what HITLER said.

  • Austeja Ferreira 1 year ago

    I also live in england I wish I could meet u

  • WatermelonJim - Gaming, Vlogs, and more 1 year ago

    When you kill your first mob or win your first online hunger games

  • BalkanBanana15 1 year ago

    where is comand???????

  • Pedja King 1 year ago

    The part at 11:00 is not satisfying

  • Happy Yabby 1 year ago

    You know what is more satisfying than burning diamonds?
    * Burning diorite *

  • Yannick Broos 1 year ago

    Mumbo mlg water bucket is eze to land

  • Bonnie 1 year ago

    The most satisfying part of Minecraft? Hmmm. When mumbo uploads a new redstone video

  • Nate Dogg fanboi 1 year ago

    WTF am i watching

  • Ear Exploder 1 year ago

    The most satisfying is.. Your channel :D

  • akshat kumar 1 year ago

    Name in Roblox. Akshatttt

  • Shawn Herrera 1 year ago

    Build a working bedwars map with iron,gold,emerald,diamond generator plaza…

  • Sleepy Dog 1 year ago

    porkchops in alpha

  • Ollie Chickens 1 year ago

    Do a top 30 UN-satisfying

  • OneWorld 1 year ago

    3 blocks 3 redstone

  • GamingPrOStuFF[RBX] 1 year ago

    i feel satisfying when you die lol it funny


    Super satisfying when you get the last hit on the ender dragon and he just blows up. GREATest moment.

  • Gaslex 24 1 year ago

    The Million chikens should be here…

  • Vumex 1 year ago

    Hmmm I mostly enjoyed the feeling Of deleting Minecraft and emptying my recycle bin =j

  • Teh Weed Bruthurs 1 year ago

    You left out riding an awesome roller coaster

  • Gunner Cavel 1 year ago

    TNT flying everywhere is so fun

  • ishav jnagal 1 year ago

    He is Magma musen! Check his channels!

  • Alex Moraru 1 year ago

    why do you have 1.2 version

  • manuel morales 1 year ago

    When you have a water automatic farm for fully grown crops

  • Peter Bhana 1 year ago

    what aboout the enchant that gives you fortune 1000

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