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5 UPDATES That Were REMOVED From Minecraft!


Minecraft video



  • Juliana Collins 11 months ago

    I think they should add new ores!!!

  • Mr.AceYT 11 months ago

    Hey Cyclone try Crazy Craft There’s so much Craziest Thing in crazy craft try to suggest it To Moose,Unspkeable&09shark.

    Still waiting for 100k subs because of facereveal

  • Ridiculous Gamer 11 months ago

    Minecraft has to add more ores

  • Dat Kid You Follow 11 months ago

    They should add in cookie ore

  • Kristina Shtjefni 11 months ago

    Cyclone do more toll wars and troll moose with and command that kills moose as soon as he goes in a mine

  • Drama Queen 11 months ago

    Hi cyclone.

  • Saiyan Prince Vegeta 11 months ago


  • Cookie Monster 11 months ago

    They should add new ores and tools and stuff like that

  • Αndrea Noni 11 months ago


  • Hunter Grizzle 11 months ago

    Yes yes

  • robbie young 11 months ago


  • MasterZane 303 11 months ago

    Ad ruby and kristal ores in minecraft MOJANG

  • BROTHERS BLOOD 11 months ago

    thay neeeed to add more ore

  • camila cano 11 months ago

    Hey cyclone u should mess with Nathan,shark,moose at the same time in trolling world

  • Samuel Lewandowski 11 months ago

    Yes i would like new ore

  • Daniel Li 11 months ago

    Very nice

  • First Name 11 months ago

    Anyone that just needed to know his intro song “BIG CITY NIGHTS” your welcome! :D

  • Anna Edlund 11 months ago

    Killer bunny!!!!… do a video about it

  • Isaac Lerdo 11 months ago

    they definetly should add new ores

  • Alluican 11 months ago

    Giants and killer bunnies are still in minecraft

  • Anthonie Noah Milano 11 months ago


  • DiamondCake 100 11 months ago

    Ok they can add more ores on one condition……


  • kenneth sanchez 11 months ago

    And cyclone good job for editing this video put a like to cyclones videos and subscribe have fun and be reacted ror all people who watching. And scrolling by watching love you cyclops and moose destroyed again your treehouse

  • Prince 11 months ago

    #newore #newgear

  • Ninja Titan 11 months ago

    I love having a wood armor because leather is hard to get especially in cows, donkeys and horses and wood armor is much easy
    and it could be your very starter armor and it can be crafted in sticks or wood log.

  • Narendra Lau 11 months ago

    This is in snapshots of minecraft

  • ZiggyShark gaming 11 months ago

    Yes they should add more ores

  • nadralone 11 months ago

    I want ruby bow,sword,axe and pickaxe

  • christopher B 11 months ago

    Minecraft should have different dimension villages with different trades, such as ruby or sapphire. I know its not traditional but maybe a mod?

  • Dave Velez 11 months ago

    I like slime so like

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