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Today we begin our MInecraft Pixelmon Island


Minecraft video



  • Esther Oshiomeghie 6 days ago


  • He should use Staraptor

  • James Dean 2nd channel 6 days ago


  • Enzo Joaquin Bautista 6 days ago


  • Debbie Marquez 6 days ago

    Mareep………… reaper!!!!

  • Damarion Accardo-Brown 6 days ago


  • Liam Drew 6 days ago

    jerome you should bring back x run from the team crafted days like if you aggree

  • Brendan Scrivner 6 days ago

    I like how they added more mods than just the Pixelmon. It makes the series more interesting

  • Adrielle Garcia 6 days ago

    please daily Pixelmon island

  • Alexander Elderhorst 6 days ago

    I want you to do a public pixelmon island IMO. Also lay off the time set day let some people get ghost type pokemon plz.
    AND OF COURSE RIOLU HAS A NEGATIVE ATTACK! Go for flash cannon, dragon pulse, aura sphere on it special attacker
    Also totally ben to put a floor mat saying go away

  • Alexander Elderhorst 6 days ago

    I like how pixelmon had pokemon drop useful items. For zigzagoon each mail it drops that’s $50, and for sentret you get grepa berries that reduce the sp def ev so you can get the right evs training. Funily enough I managed to lvl up a starter to lvl 70 fo fully ev train it on 1 ev pokemon…. Rough days.

  • Cloe Feszowec 6 days ago

    When is the next ep coming out

  • Yopyeong Tjan 6 days ago

    Catch beldum and evolve it to metangross

  • the beast 123 5 days ago

    I love pixalmon

  • the beast 123 5 days ago

    Green ninja

  • Vincent Popolo 5 days ago


    Too many gg?

  • Mitchell Rich 5 days ago


  • Isabelo Holgado 5 days ago


  • Kevin Wong 5 days ago

    Chimchar is my favourite and you should get one Jerome it has a lot of speed! As you can see

  • Red Blue 5 days ago

    do pixelmon generations mod it’s the latest

  • Derric Hardman 5 days ago

    I love Bulbasaur

  • Patrick Lodjn 5 days ago


  • Marion Samuel Fermano 5 days ago

    Jerome please invit e twety to play

  • Get it Gaming 5 days ago

    Go into the 5×5 trees that are outside spawn

  • Shaman Alhmoudi 5 days ago

    join this amazing server best skyblock server out there! need staff and youtubers!

  • AsPrixie149 GWT 5 days ago

    Dude he totally missed a mewtwo in the extreme mountains biome

  • Ian TTG 5 days ago


  • Jaden Good 5 days ago

    Fine Dad, GG

  • Angela Bennett 5 days ago


  • Cole Bloomfield 5 days ago

    I feel Alex’s pain of correcting other people about how they say Pokémon names

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