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Hermitcraft 6 (Minecraft Survival LP) – Adding a


Minecraft video



  • Shugo Yoshino 7 months ago

    Please don’t put spruce trapdoors above the door. It looks strange.

  • Simi Jinesh 7 months ago

    Python you can keep mordern area as a partmant

  • the gaming jr 7 months ago

    Please play mini craf5

  • PoolBoy Q 7 months ago

    You forgot the diamonds in the top box

  • Jacob Mist 7 months ago

    Great video really liked it

  • The Stingray 7 months ago

    Wow your channel is the fastest growing on the hermit server . Well done python, you deserve it buddy !

  • Lunala 7 months ago

    Python get flash stock of the stock of tek to the skies and undercut it!

  • MatsmedD 7 months ago

    If you have a trapdoor next to the concrete in the water

  • TheDevler23 7 months ago

    “exterior curtains” hahaha. In the US we just call them shutters. Some are decorative, some protect windows from shattering in massive storms.

  • Rebecca Jordan 7 months ago

    i think it looks really cool!!! my only thought about the grey carpet thing was put a row if them across the doorway so it looks like its meant to be there :D

  • Trisha Cribby 7 months ago

    why not add a variated path? add some andesite, light grey wool, light grey terracotta, light grey powder.

  • Sydney Bustamante 7 months ago

    Use spruce wood

  • Mactheminer130 7 months ago

    Thanx for the likes

  • Ducky 237 7 months ago

    Call me crazy, but isn’t what Python is doing with the diamond blocks illegal irl? I mean he’s taking the diamonds out of circulation. But I guess so is crafting with them, and by mining them they’re coining money basically. All the hermits are criminals! Lol jk

  • Raihan Ur Rashid 7 months ago

    Hey Python! This is completely off-topic but I have a suggestion for another shop. Maybe you could make a potions shop? I think it will give you lots of profit!!

  • Will Rayne MC 7 months ago

    Alternatively, you could alternate the whole path in a sort of checkerboard pattern with the grey carpet. That way it doesn’t look out of place, and you get some more variation in your sidewalk. Love the vids, Python!

  • Lady Ivy Vine XIII 7 months ago

    I do love me some dark oak, but I think keeping with the spruce may work better in this case. Perhaps put the dark oak in your next build.

  • Lukas Lähr 7 months ago

    You forgot to check the flower pot shop

  • Danyah A. 321 7 months ago

    “Welzez glass shop”hhHahahahahahha

  • Auldrick 7 months ago

    Maybe if you put a few more grey carpets in between to fill the space in front of the door, it would look like an extended doorstep and the height difference would seem more natural.

  • Scott Coyne 7 months ago

    should put a glazed terracotta block as the center of the balcony. Give it a mediterranean feel modern look.

  • Kate Bartlett 7 months ago

    Cool video’ s
    You should make more
    Video’ s because some of the
    Hermits are allredy on ep 40
    Or on

  • Amazing Narwhal Animations 7 months ago

    I think it might look cool if you put carpet around the pathway so it looks like stones in the pathway.

  • Jamin Gaming 7 months ago

    Ijevin paid with the diamond block and he gave you a very nice tip

  • TheLaxerBro1016 7 months ago

    How do you have smooth stone blocks?

  • Aman Sarawagi 7 months ago

    Heyyyy we know you r great and I just want to say that you should have a more frequent episodes !!!! Try

  • Mind Speed 7 months ago

    Hey Python, the creeper face is looking creepy (it looks like a creeper and pig’s child!). I’m saying that please remove it. It does not suit your beautiful house. Thanks!

  • Master Ninjitsu 7 months ago

    The hurt sound…

  • tarina bee 7 months ago

    I am finally all caught up. Your builds look great. I get really inspired.

  • MerkDolf 7 months ago

    Paused 1:30 I just remembered that TFC has a sale on diamonds go check out his shop.

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