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ZED – TURN UP those speakers for full effect! ;) â-»Watch Crafting Dead: Download it on iTunes: COMING SOON (Songs do not distribute due to the holidays) ZED…


Minecraft video


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  • msquickshotz 5 years ago

    Watched this by midnight, (12 hours ago) when i first heart a zombie i
    crapped my pants ;-;?

  • Logdotzip 5 years ago

    Great Work Branson! You made me pee myself of SCAREDNESS?

  • kevin xu 5 years ago

    Is this song copyrighted??

  • zoracraft 5 years ago

    I just turned my bass boost on for this. Here we go!?

  • Minecraft Universe 5 years ago

    The song is short but great! It’ll be distrubuted to iTunes and other
    stores after the holidays!?

  • Tony Stark 5 years ago

    Why are your songs so swagy! ?

  • Larry Sigman Jr. 5 years ago

    I have a theory on where the name Zed came from.

    The Walking Dead has “walkers” otherwise known as zombies, right?
    The word “zombie” starts with the letter z.
    Z (pronounced “zee” in ‘Merica) is pronounced “zed” in England.

    TL;DR Walkers > Zombies > Z > “Zee” in ‘Merica> “Zed” in England >
    Half-Life 3 confirmed

    EDIT: Half-Life 3 > *3* > Triangle has 3 sides > Illumanati symbol is
    triangle > Illumanati confirmed?

  • Enoka Fatuesi 5 years ago

    You should make this for the intro of your video like when the beat drops
    that’s when you should start the video?

  • Vacu0us 5 years ago

    I think its about time Zed dropped dead in bed next to Ned. But then Zed
    wakes up and sees bread in his head, another nightmare, he is filled with
    dread. Why bread? Zed is fed, fed of his bread.?

  • ProfessorJolobo 5 years ago

    Hey Jason! Absolutely Amazing song! This would be really good background
    music for some animations (like zombie fights). Is it ever possible to use
    this song as the background or is this copyright protected? Of course Ill
    give you full credit if it is or isn’t. I wanted to know just in case for
    if I get strikes on my channel for using it. I absolutely love your work
    and I appreciate you releasing these songs for our enjoyment! Thanks again!

  • Minecraft Universe 5 years ago
  • Kenndy Crutchfield 5 years ago

    can I make a remix of this song like rap on it and post it and give you
    credit for the beat ??

  • VonexYT 5 years ago

    +Minecraft Universe Are we aloud to use in a video if we give credit? this
    song is amazing btw?

  • Shayla Poppino 5 years ago

    Sick beat! My BF will love this we love dubstep and I know your better than
    Skrillex and Martin Garrix!?

  • Faye Dolan 5 years ago

    Awsome song, by an awsome dude, now i feel incredibly not

  • UNCLESTEEzY 5 years ago

    Fantastic song Jason. I thought it was really good and my favorite part was
    when the zombie groaned and you heard the gunshot.

    Oh and is the hand in the video the logo for the original Left 4 Dead? I
    saw it and I got curious.?

  • Jessica Knight 5 years ago

    Jason, just wondering, who sings the vocals in your songs? Coz we know a
    bunch of your songs do have very small vocal parts (Criminal, S.U.P, Push,
    etc). Keep up the good work! :D ?

  • coolmeet12 5 years ago

    Nice song! The name “Zed” reminds me of the League of Legends character :P ?

  • Bruce Wayne 5 years ago

    DROP THE BASE. THE HAS 3 NUMBERS. 9 divided by 3 is 3. SANIC IS A BLUE

    (dramatic music)

  • TopOfAllWorlds 5 years ago

    It’s a little simple, it sounds like it may only be 4 sound tracks simply
    being played at once. It’s ok for an attempt but it just doesn’t seem like
    a finished product.?