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Minecraft Pixelmon LUCKY BLOCK BATTLE with


Minecraft video



  • Light Dragon Master 1 year ago


  • Sergio Gamer 1 year ago


  • Kendall Odom 1 year ago

    L8games will you do a pixelmon egg lock that would be great!!! #TeamGreen!!!

  • AliveOffBeatSkylar 1 year ago

    Hey jordan or nick i have been a fan for about idk how long but i love your channel and keep up the good work :)

  • Emerald knight Mc 1 year ago
  • Avalon Gillespie 1 year ago

    7:12 a POKEMAN

  • L8Danielle L8Danielle 1 year ago

    Is nick feeling better jordan

  • jj reacttz 1 year ago

    Sup rip

  • Aubrey Moody 1 year ago

    Too bad you couldn’t use Sammourott

  • Justin Wright 1 year ago

    I thought Pixelmon shut down???

  • Xavier Tompkins 1 year ago

    I watch attack on titan and I’m only 10

  • Sally Hambelton 1 year ago

    Wait your adopts ???

  • Andrew Jones 1 year ago

    Nick u said u guys for your pokes to lvl 100 and didn’t teach them any moves Jordan had a lvl2 lucario which it doesn’t get close combat at lvl2 so he cheated

  • Alexandru Marius Toma 1 year ago

    Missingno cool

  • SultanProGamer 1234 1 year ago

    OMG 95th comment

  • Baby_Foxy and Friend's MCPE 1 year ago

    Me: (shows my mom this video)
    Me: bruh, Jordan my mom is mad…
    My mom: I’M NOT SMALL!
    Me: Nick, Jordan, my mom is crazy halp!

  • Bluewolf 8452 1 year ago

    Can you go a series with the tapus where you have the all 4 of the Ilands

  • aj statis 1 year ago

    L8games do a pixelmon sky island challenge

  • rameg gamer 2.0 1 year ago

    Go nick go

  • rameg gamer 2.0 1 year ago

    Nick winner

  • Andrew Jones 1 year ago

    K soz Jordan

  • Zom Bomb 1 year ago

    u should of set them to lvl100 and then give them the moves

  • TimTam 1 year ago

    Don’t make any new seasons Minecraft computer it will be deleted

  • stormrider0212 1 year ago

    But I’m feeling 22

  • hey

  • goeblade 2000 1 year ago

    L8 games how old are yiu guys!?

  • hl saindon 1 year ago

    hi plz respond

  • francisco Kong 1 year ago

    Do a battle of blue pokemons and green pokemin battle

  • francisco Kong 1 year ago

    Nick capture pokemon that is green and joradan pokemon that are blie

  • Daniel Gálvez 1 year ago


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