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Today we play Lucky Block Skywars with the brand


Minecraft video



  • Andresmveloz Veloz 7 months ago


  • Katlynn Nicholson 7 months ago

    Anyone notice the lucky blocks were speaking German?

  • Emerald Wolf 7 months ago

    i have no school on friday

  • Dark Knight0453 7 months ago

    if everytime youre just gonna downgrade all gears and weapons, why have the break lucky block process. just start the battle process with same gear everytime

  • Logic 7 months ago

    The lucky Blake are pointless if they just get diamond armor and a 12 damage sword at the end…

  • Ethan Cook 7 months ago

    What world or server are you playing on? Cause I want to try battling my friends with those weapons

  • Arcady gamer 7 months ago

    At 33:00 it says the s word at the bottom left

  • Debbie Marquez 7 months ago

    Guys I went on Roblox and typed in watch Jeromeasf he is a funny youtuber every time I left a minigame so lol

  • Lil Nibba 7 months ago

    What’s the IP for Jerome’s lucky block server again?

  • Roblox0Tropic Playz 7 months ago

    lol i know ben made that cause the lucky block has this image


  • glich 76 7 months ago

    bottem left at 33:52

  • mellon vlogs 7 months ago


  • Tagzyl Gaming 7 months ago

    LOL. Has he really been playing Minecraft for 6years? the Golden Axe which is Unbreakable, has Efficiency 20 and also has 9.25 Damage cause of the Sharpness 5 and the Sandstorm Sword which has 12 Damage… the Golden Axe is clearly better. but between the two he chose the Sandstorm Sword. xD. by the way Efficiency makes a Tool faster to mine and swing.

  • slime dude1222 7 months ago

    Oh camon do a lucky block with no rules pls with rules its no fun at all

  • tom greenall 7 months ago

    someone enchanted an item via command…

  • Stevesalon 7 months ago

    theres no point using these lucky blocks if you just get rid of the items

  • Hubert Chua 7 months ago

    U should learn from PrestonPlayz

  • Klaud PvP 7 months ago

    Get a dbs lucky block basically dragon ball super blocks coz the end of dbs is near pls jarome

  • Amber Bearden 7 months ago

    I think the blocks are from a german maker look at chat

  • Fabian Paul 7 months ago


  • Taylor Leap 7 months ago

    When you think its a pg channel
    33:56 look in the bottom left hand corner

  • SwaggCat Gaming 7 months ago

    33:53 look in the chat

  • Alex Caddick 7 months ago

    did he really search “Diamond Feet”

  • SuperGamer Anthony 7 months ago

    do undertale lackyblock

  • DaHolyUnicorn 7 months ago

    Anyone else noticed chat at 34:00?

  • Triggered Minds Studios 7 months ago

    Uganda knuckles lucky blocks?

  • Giddy Polecate370 7 months ago

    it’s my brithday today

  • Dark Arrow 7 months ago

    you have a lucky block battle with NO lucky block stuff why if you use all the lucky block stuff you can kill each other and its not supposed to be fare its lucky blocks its based on luck

  • Reece Gallaway 7 months ago

    I think you should be able to use whatever you get that’s what lucky block battle is for if you get lucky good for you if not oh well.

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