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Minecraft animation of players, wolf, zombies,


Minecraft video



  • MrFudgeMonkeyz 9 months ago

    Hey I hope you guys enjoy watching this one! How does it compare to the other episodes? What was your favorite part? Hopefully it was worth the wait. Thanks for being so patient! Also have an awesome rest of your day! :)

  • PetariMarko Miladinoski 8 months ago

    the resistance clan said we are hope ofr the players ACTULY NO THEY ARE MURDERS! I DONT LIKE thEM AT All.Btw my minecraft skin is a red steve

  • MasterMind YT 8 months ago

    So much twerking

  • shark 428 8 months ago

    Waiting for ep 28

  • Infamous X 8 months ago

    only if he had lots of voice actors xD

  • Francis Andrei Adaliga 8 months ago

    Dave’s team’s so dancing another player

  • SeongWon Moon 8 months ago

    why to be continued! come on, keep going please

  • Hao Nguyen 8 months ago

    omg i need more and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hao Nguyen 8 months ago

    but where did you get the idea about these swords ?

  • 兔子喵彌雅 8 months ago

    I LOVE your videos❤
    Hope next episode coming soon❤

  • Shippy 8 months ago

    When next one comes??!!

  • Exploding Duck 8 months ago


  • Chayakorn Francois FIEVET 8 months ago

    Steve might team with grave since Grave said i’m only interested in the strong!!

  • vu nguyen 8 months ago

    Fishing rod only can pull ur back To u so u can kill him but can’t not swing at trees

  • TunaBro animation 8 months ago

    Plz do more

  • Carla Ocfemia 8 months ago

    28 plss

  • Isaac Soriano 8 months ago

    What if a new character that is soooooooooo good at redstone that even the resistance or the villagers can’t defeat it. That would be great!!!

  • Jiac Dubs 8 months ago

    How did you make the head cut off? Is the software blender to make animations? Also I’m happy Steve is back to save. Keep it up Fudge I like your animations than Black Plasma Studios. I subscribed thanks for liking

  • Jiac Dubs 8 months ago

    Fudge I like your animations. Teach me how to animate Minecraft I beg pls cause your awsome. Make a tutorial video

  • mecha crafta 8 months ago

    Didn’t think k these vids were still made

  • Determined Games 8 months ago

    hey ,hey dude, hey, hey, ya wanna see my dooogies??? :O

  • Alex Tigoy 8 months ago

    please make other epesode of anoyying villagers 28

  • Alex Tigoy 8 months ago

    i like this epesode im waiting to see the fight of resistant clan vs steve im waiting i love your vidoes

  • Technology Ninja Power//Shadow_Kingtnp 8 months ago

    What if herobrine and fat herobrine met

  • DatRazorMemeTho 23 8 months ago

    *J U I C Y B U T T H O L E*

  • Zombiehusk Gaming 8 months ago

  • qwaken 8 months ago

    cringe as always

  • Njellann Reynolds 8 months ago

    I love villegers!I thought they were weak but there strong!!!!!!!

  • Aliza javed 8 months ago

    omg that cliff hanger

  • Giang Dang 8 months ago

    I wait for a long time

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