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Minecraft video



  • Galaxy Goats 1 year ago


  • Magic Churro Gaming 1 year ago

    This is what Albert Einstein listened to when he wrote The Bible

  • Trevor Christofani 1 year ago

    I feel bad for u

  • tudollapac Vevo 1 year ago

    He needs a album

  • cazz_killaz 1 year ago

    Ishyne beat remix soon? Minecraft parody?

  • since when could $5,000,000,000 art move??? wtf???

  • I. A. 1 year ago

    Do gods plan next

  • James Nguyen 1 year ago

    Do psycho by post Malone

  • Rowan P 1 year ago

    I’m gonna kill myself over this

  • Deron Rosey 1 year ago

    This has me so wet

  • Maelstrom 1 year ago

    Do keke

  • Whiskey 1 year ago

    This inspires me to become a singer.

  • Charlie MGamer 1 year ago

    Do God’s plan

  • Cameron Janocha 1 year ago


  • crocigator ? 1 year ago

    Do gods plan

  • Sponge papa Jesus 1 year ago

    Omg this is the best song,better than the original

  • Professor Chicken 1 year ago
  • crispy chicken tenders 1 year ago

    Another beautiful song by galaxy goats

  • ErIIc QuE 1 year ago

    Do you live in verrado

  • ErIIc QuE 1 year ago

    I live5 mom from this gut

  • Cactux 3000 1 year ago

    S O R R Y S I R T H I S I S A C H R I S T I A N S E R V E R S O N O S W E A R I N G.

  • Refuse to LOSE 1 year ago

    Sub to me and I will sub to you too

  • Ivar Tames 1 year ago

    I feel this lyrics

  • Lofi. Loser 1 year ago

    This is so touching

  • bily Thomas 1 year ago

    dam bro this is MF heat family

  • D55671 1 year ago

    0:23 : Diamond Supreme Underwear

  • Toabs 1 year ago

    God has joined the server

  • robbie SCOTT 45 1 year ago

    have you ever had content with a female befor idt he has

  • Talyn Orf 1 year ago

    This is amazing

  • The enlightened one

    Btw pls do Keke 69

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