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Today I show you the progress on the Lily Pad, fight a few ghasts for tears, go get our new pet Beatrice, and attempt to conquer that abandoned mine shaft on…


Minecraft video


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  • Martha Broberg 3 years ago

    Named mobs don`t despawn. Another thing is, where will Beef find nametags?
    (Haven`t watched the vid yet, maybe he found one)?

  • thebigboyb 3 years ago

    A cool name for the store that you’ll be selling pressure plates, which was probably just a joke, could be “Beef’s Plates”. But then that gave me the idea of using those iron pressure? plates to look like an actual plate in Minecraft for tables. Snow layers might also be good for being plates.

  • sebasbeuker 3 years ago

    Beef? call the cow Beefatrice

  • Sean Miller 3 years ago

    Beatrice, main character? in “Much Ado About Nothing” a play by Shakes Spear

    -Fun Fact

  • Joel L 3 years ago

    Well you are better than? me

  • finfan7 3 years ago

    Call it Kamala. It’s the Kannada (the language, not misspelled Canada) ? word for Lotus.

  • TheDiamond396 3 years ago

    Pamela Anderson? died.

  • Fluffytroll999 3 years ago

    At 23:00 he was down 3.5 and he gained half a heart? by getting hit by the spider and lost it from it hitting it again

  • VargBoe 3 years ago

    WATER TEMPLE! DONE! No questions asked!?

  • sebasbeuker 3 years ago

    Call? the pad Beeflantis

  • agifrenzy 3 years ago

    I love The Pad! Good work! Don’t? add the lower stone slabs line, looks cool as it is. I would also leave the stairs as they are now, they look minimalistic and good.

  • oliver Grass 3 years ago

    And?? I hate? sky, and I especially hate his fanboys. Please go die in a fire and stop screaming “Budder!”

  • ficolas2 3 years ago

    squids can despawn, but can they despawn? if you leash it?

    If so, name it :D

  • Yu Xuan Kuang 3 years ago

    U are offending sky by wanting to have a squid as a pet?

  • Jessica Kpop Taoris 3 years ago

    You did make? it the time you died episode 2 or somthing 3

  • loanwe247 3 years ago

    I? think he meant that the name Atlantis is too cliche.

  • Driftery Theneznam 3 years ago

    Beef you The Best? :)

  • Tomcekas 3 years ago

    This makes so much sence ._. Atlantis was built on an? alien lily pad and it sank down because the city was too big.

  • XxlikeabossxX59 3 years ago

    Call? the cow beeftrice

  • minidude95me 3 years ago

    Oliver your? right