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Minecraft video



  • raighne gerobiese 5 months ago


  • Richard Kendall 5 months ago


  • Missy Hillman 5 months ago

    Try the last guardian and pls shout me out and I made a hour long roller coaster on u Dan I love u and u make my day espcally when I’m in hospital

  • Holly Gisbourne 5 months ago

    Please finish miitopia

  • syrus reign merced 5 months ago

    dan your subnsutica

  • Kert Gebruk 5 months ago

    Dan!!! Waterweel!!

  • Thinktdmplayz 5 months ago

    Bring back crazy craft

  • Yba Mercz 5 months ago

    Dan please add friend me in roblox my name is DanTDMFAN31

  • Yba Mercz 5 months ago


  • BabyBlue Dieno 5 months ago

    Make a Diamond Armor! Most Recommended!! And make enchantment table!!!

  • guy hamilton 5 months ago

    DAN…. Dan where is Subnautica

  • Brodie Elliott 5 months ago

    DAN! Make the graveyard pet and make sure you have its food in your inventory and then when you die you’ll keep your inventory!

  • hemant thapliyal 5 months ago


  • 100Legend 5 months ago

    Dan, what happened to diamond dimensions? You should restart it or go back to the way it was when you left it.

  • Marian Miu 5 months ago

    You apared in romania in protv

  • GamingMint Gam 5 months ago

    So u still havent changed back Dan?Shame

  • guitar lessons for free 5 months ago

    Dan subnautica pls

  • Danny69gatinha Correia 5 months ago

    hi dan

  • Nadeem khan 5 months ago

    Play subnautica

  • dbd GAMEREN 5 months ago


  • Jay TheDimondSepticEye 5 months ago

    DAN I THINK TILTED TOWERS IS BLOWING UP TODY!! but Don’t take my word on it.

  • ZigZag GamerZ 5 months ago

    Roblox back dam

  • GamingSeriesTube 5 months ago

    We…are never ever ever..going to da nether

  • herold james 5 months ago

    dan upgrade your watering can in silver for 3 by 3 radius of watering the crops ofcourse you could get it in the mining hill??I guess good luck.pls shout me out

  • Luna The wolfrunner 5 months ago

    You can use all that sand for a giant colorful stained glass window

  • dog man 5 months ago

    what happened to Pixelmon Trinity

  • Puffray Da fish 5 months ago

    Remember that old Minecraft parody song you made with another guy (“IM NETHER NETHER NETHER GOING BACK TO THE NETHER”)

  • afm shajib 5 months ago

    Name this series the diamond minecart adv

  • Aneta Krawczyk 5 months ago

    I love Dan
    I give a sud

  • Kasra _kb 5 months ago

    New hair.

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