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It’s time I did a Skyblock series. I’m playing on


Minecraft video



  • Ammon Horton 11 months ago

    You should make the enchantment island
    A sphere with cave for the room and maybe add a waterfall with leaves

  • Fnassau 11 months ago

    Good job making friends

  • Ember 129 11 months ago

    10:11 “Oh hi doggy”

  • Sam ___ 11 months ago

    with xp you can also get the xp crate boxes at spawn, just a suggestion.

  • diana Pereira 11 months ago

    Found your channel 2 weeks ago since then been watching all your videos.. love it really nice videos..

  • G0rminat0r 11 months ago

    Hey, that’s me! Are we friends now Beef?

  • Forty Seven 11 months ago

    Beef, bring nothing or maybe some food and golden apple. Drop down into the pvp. DONT engage anyone or get engaged by anyone. just run around claiming envoys and straight up just “is go”. As long as nobody hit you, you can go to your island straight away.

  • - scrub 11 months ago

    maybe instead of making large bridges to connect smaller islands, you could make a chain ?

  • Luca Merlini 11 months ago

    i’m a grate grate person XD

  • Bob Dillion 11 months ago

    The iron blocks are just named different, annoying as fook

  • Dollar 11 months ago

    I see myself :)

  • No Name 11 months ago

    Can anyone sub to me please? Tryina hit 10k today!

  • Christopher Haranczak 11 months ago

    Beef you have to kill the blazes yourself

  • Christopher Haranczak 11 months ago

    Beef I have 10 igs on mistic

  • grimm games 11 months ago

    You could rebuild the carrot farm by shrinking the length down to just the first low level then build the farms above it with multiple floors like your cactus farm. You can still use your original design. I’m really enjoying watching your Minecraft series keep up the good job Beef.

  • humane monkey303 11 months ago

    Beef try making a xp farm for the xp keys!!!

  • Inez Odesjö 11 months ago

    The next island you build should maybe be one for all your stuff. Like storage :)

  • humane monkey303 11 months ago

    Lmao beef- I really want some armor chest- f u take a iron spawner

  • humane monkey303 11 months ago

    BEEF I bet the blocks u got from pvp add more points to ur island then normal blocks

  • TheCajunCO 11 months ago

    Famous Youtube status saved you from getting kilt haha

  • Morpheas 11 months ago

    Beef you spent 350k just for a silk touch pick??

    Are you out of your mind?

  • Pickett22 11 months ago

    omg that PVP was amazing “Friends?! Friends! We’re all friends!”

  • Slithering Serpent 11 months ago

    Dont worry beef that happen to me twice beef in PvP the first time was I didn’t know you lost your items when you died. The second time was when someone need help with a spawner and I thought to help them, but when I tp to them a bunch of guys teamed against me and killed me. I had everything good on me which really suck.

  • matthew shook 11 months ago

    hey stupid question how do you do your 360 vids

  • Luke Maxwell 11 months ago

    Yeah just do iron golem spawner

  • Luke Maxwell 11 months ago

    Go to the nether!

  • dane hoegh 11 months ago

    Sweet! Beef bought my silk touch! Lmfao. You should have went shopping for silk touch a day earlier. I was selling them for 200k then but supply and demand went up.

  • Zeddicus Cypher 11 months ago

    Hey Beef! Love thee vids (though I don’t know you’ll see the comment) It appears your pop filter isn’t protecting against particularly powerful plosives any longer — noticed it over the last few videos. Not the end of the world, but thought I’d mention it. Thanks for the entertainment!

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