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Today we play Ender Lucky Block Battle Race in


Minecraft video



  • Landonation Gamer 9 months ago

    hi my name landon 95 subs come check me out everyone and i post try not to laugh

  • DARK NEBULA CYCLONE 9 months ago

    Do traps for races , base defending because I really enjoyed them , u should be the one to make the traps

  • coen waechter 9 months ago


  • Clark Dela Vega 9 months ago

    Pixnap is 111 damage from what is know

  • Hamish Cowan 9 months ago

    Fan art of the day -its raining Ben hallelujah it’s raining Ben hallelujah exsetra

  • James Barr 9 months ago


  • Tsz Hei TSE 9 months ago

    Please play pixel gun 3d

  • OMAR EL-SAYED-ALI 9 months ago

    jerome in the first round you had a lucky bow

  • AJ Rocketz 9 months ago

    Hey I use obs

  • Mathijs Verbeure 9 months ago

    34:25 wait… is that FRIZZLEANDPOPSTAR??? THE WELL KNOW ARTIST??????

  • Katherine Tirkes 9 months ago


  • Gavin Lee 9 months ago

    I love Jerome

  • random guy 9 months ago


  • fearmistjockey 5172 9 months ago

    Play more fortnite

  • declan lewis 9 months ago

    no more LUCKY block’s

  • Jacob Ross 9 months ago

    She is crafting dead

  • Landonation Gamer 9 months ago

    want free subs what to do this comment
    2.sub to me
    3.comment done have one sub from me

  • Joana Najera 9 months ago
  • Billy Morris 9 months ago

    8:08 through fire and flames starts playing

  • Fluffy Penguin 9 months ago

    crafting dead… kill another Steve variant

  • Caleb Humes 9 months ago

    Do another dinosaurs ep

  • Amɛthyst_H ɛart 12123 9 months ago


  • CrazyTiger13 9 months ago

    Today’s my birthday too

  • Lucious Batis 9 months ago

    A rabbits foot is lucky so if you have a whole rabbit will you have more luck?

  • coolcreeper 310 9 months ago

    not shave the hair save the hair

  • Brennan Del Rossi 9 months ago

    Stream age of empires again

  • JetBlast 2119 9 months ago

    Andrew: “How can you kill what cant be found?”
    Austin: “MySpace”

  • Anaya Vlogz 9 months ago

    you should do aa videoonyou recording software

  • Demon Dawn 9 months ago

    coughing into the mic is just nasty

  • Paschka Gamer 9 months ago

    Оцените мой первый видеоролик по майнкрафту пожалуйста

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