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Typical Gamer plays Minecraft! Playing Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • Typical Gamer 7 months ago

    This was definitely our BEST Minecraft episode so far! I love how the house is coming along. What do you think? Comment and let me know anything small (or big) that we should add to the project. If you watched and enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE for more daily YouTube videos and livestreams! I hope you have an AWESOME day! :D

  • Maria Lliguicota 7 months ago

    To teleport you need to craft enter pearls by killing man tender man and collect what they drop like an eyeball bat green and blue ish

  • Elvin Ramos 7 months ago

    keep up the awsome work tg and samara.Oh and one thing pumkins work u put them on when u see endermans and u can put them on and see him in the eyes and he wont atack u and agin keep up the amaizing qork tg and samara i love lla’l.

  • Levante CulPepper 7 months ago

    it is magic

  • SuperNikkiSings 7 months ago


  • Prince-Charles Yeboah 7 months ago

    tg tg tg

  • Asma Ishaq 7 months ago

    Make glass pains

  • SuperNikkiSings 7 months ago


  • faraz ahmed 7 months ago

    do minecraft mods

  • Dejah turner 7 months ago

    Go back to the other house and get stuff

  • hikakin Uejima 7 months ago

    Oh my god it’s cool

  • KikiEnderGirl xx 7 months ago

    im gonna be like tg and gta 5 minecraft but imam do roblox too love u tg

  • The annoying Millennials 7 months ago

    What I love about TG is that his videos come out every day and you can watch them for hours

  • Hqtred - Minecraft 7 months ago

    If you do make a minecraft public server could i help develop it? i am good at server thigns and plugins and stuff

  • DeeDee Brown 7 months ago

    Smoke Weed Everyday

  • Cindy Kolonich 7 months ago

    Can you play ark scorched earth

  • Colt Coolstar 7 months ago

    Do an iron door

  • mnemonicwings 7 months ago

    Tg try a modded survival like if you agree

  • Raushan Ikhlaq 7 months ago

    Can you do bed wars

  • vegate 489 cool general 7 months ago

    The best video

  • lasted plague 7 months ago


  • Bestpiggie 805 7 months ago


  • Yaw K 7 months ago

    eat food

  • SizedSnow0 snow 7 months ago

    make a sugarcane farm with sand under it and water around the sand

  • Timothy Mitchell 7 months ago

    A golden apple gives you health all the way and you cant die for 0-30 seconds.

  • Aldrin Guzman 7 months ago

    why 3 hours dude wow just like a movie lol

  • Augustas Barteska 7 months ago

    Make a triangular roof for the house and a fence from birch wood log on the bottom, fence in the middle and a birch slab on top

  • aymaan abraar 7 months ago

    Tg do a 6 million celebration by doing 6 hour ark stream………..

  • Mosetta McNeely 7 months ago

    on christmas i am be coming a youtuber

  • Joel Mathews 7 months ago


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