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Minecraft video



  • 2LiTCosmic Dragon 11 months ago


  • Ethan Murphy 11 months ago

    I have never superchated but if I did I would want you to read it so I don’t have a problem with it

  • Diya Meyer 11 months ago

    Hey kenny luv the vids I have watched every htm its hard to make the streams cuz I do sports but I was just wondering what program do you use to record your screen cuz I am thinking about starting to do youtube

  • Phin xs 11 months ago


  • Hannah H. 11 months ago

    Is it just me.. or did Florian use to have a British accent?


  • MarshallPo 11 months ago

    Kenny you don’t seem like yourself.

  • thebigdeal 11 months ago

    Ask pete to duel for the sword

  • CandycantoMC 11 months ago

    Put hellforged 3 on all ur armour
    And don’t pvp to much in the mine a cause when your armour gets low you drop it in the ground!!!

  • Compton Jones 11 months ago

    I think a pretty fair compromise could be putting people on the wall off stream or towards the end when you have nothing else to do and at the beginning of the following stream you could give all the new wall members a shout out and show their sign on screen… that way there won’t be a stop to the action :)

  • Sanjei Jong Seijuro 11 months ago

    is that your sword?

  • ThornRoseWalls Kitchen 11 months ago

    What’s the point of pvping in the mine if players get their stuff back? And players are only to get their armor back. Last I checked you can’t wear a sword in MC.

  • Chicken Eater 11 months ago

    Stoopid petey gave kenny the god sword back

  • S carr 11 months ago


  • Lucy Tuhy 11 months ago

    Sorry Kenny but you can be so dumb sometimes❤️

  • lol, Kenny low key threw shade at Pete when he asked Kenny “what do you think is fair?” then he replies with, “whenever I fought someone I always gave their stuff back”.

  • Unbelievable Blitz 11 months ago

    Pete just wanna keep kenny’s sword because its op but he returned vikk’s sword with no payment

  • Hurlez 123 11 months ago

    Kenny in the dungeon , somebody should /fix the golden shovel and kill the boss with ease

  • Omar Hayat 11 months ago

    kenny you should an episode of blast mining for an hour so you can make some cash, buy enlightened 5 and rage 3

  • Yabloody Wombat 11 months ago

    You should find out where Pete logged off and dig a 4×4 hole 10 deep then put lava in it and kill him ☠️

  • Megadwarf 47 11 months ago

    Kenny put rage on Your sword it will make you OP

  • Chad Sproule 11 months ago

    Does anyone else think pete is being a bitch? all he does is be hypocritical every episode and is always fucking moaning omg its so annoying

  • Boris Karadjov 11 months ago

    Sell gwolston

  • Boris Karadjov 11 months ago

    Sandstorm god

  • Boris Karadjov 11 months ago

    You can kill Pete and everyone on the server

  • Jamie Evans 11 months ago

    Got to agree with Kenny in the beginning of his vid it’s not as if the sword was earned in a PVP fight. I feel the way Pete got his sword doesn’t warrant a buy back. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Vee :3 11 months ago

    Guys, you don’t see Pete and Kenny being rude to each other. Both of them are fine with it. The only problem is the people hating. So stop, it’s a game

  • iAmTasty 11 months ago

    I honestly don’t mind if u read superchats when you get them

  • Karter Sanamo 11 months ago

    Make it where it only drops your ores when you die in the mines

  • CALIKO707 11 months ago

    Just read em as they come in bro, is all good. That’s hella nitpicky!

  • Aurora 11 months ago

    Amazing !

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