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Today I’m doing a build off with SmallishBeans!


Minecraft video



  • Teal Quartz 1 month ago

    Next time on build off…
    Ldshadowlady vs Yammy
    Pink vs Purple
    who will win?
    Please like this so yammy can see

  • Mary Siddiqui 1 month ago

    Yammy for the WIN!!!!

  • ItsMeAri 1 month ago

    Joel won for sure

  • Evil sunshine 101 1 month ago

    Joel’s house won in my opinion

  • Maddy Haak 1 month ago

    yammys house is big but joel won because he added a pool

  • Lexa Northrup 1 month ago


  • Maddy Haak 1 month ago

    plz do it with lizzie plz plz plz

  • jessica hasty 1 month ago

    Joel win!

  • jessica hasty 1 month ago

    sorry Yammy :(

  • Angelina Tran 1 month ago


  • jessica hasty 1 month ago

    inside yammy’s house…The interior are cooler. But in Joel’s house, The house shape and color mixing are better
    IDK who won but I think it is yammy. My bro thinks it’s Joel.

  • Peyton van Almelo 1 month ago


  • Unicorns Rock And Puppies 1 month ago

    I like your house

  • Salma Eihab 1 month ago

    Exterior: Joel
    Interior: yammy
    Space: yammy
    Extras: Joel
    Garden: Joel
    Roof: Joel
    Decoration: Yammy
    Placement: Yammy
    Shape: Joel
    Extra space: Yammy

    So u decide!! U already know who I think won

  • NotStephanie 1 month ago


  • Kinga Magico 1 month ago

    Joel’s house!! <3

  • Imapug lover 1 month ago

    YAMMYS i say Yammys build is better

  • Chavali Ari 1 month ago

    its a… TIE

  • My name is Maddie 1 month ago

    Joel sorry yammy

  • Chris Block 1 month ago

    Yammy for the win!

  • boli te briga kako se zovem 1 month ago


  • Jammer7 Lenz 1 month ago

    can you do Lizzie next?????????????????????

  • Lauren G 1 month ago

    YAMMY because I can swim that good

  • Bearlygirl Gamer 1 month ago

    I like Joel’s

  • Gerdine Smit 1 month ago

    Yammy wins!!!

  • Gemma Doyle 1 month ago

    YAMMY WIN’S!!!!

  • Oceaneyedpuppy girl 1 month ago


  • vampire girl 1 month ago

    JOEL CHEATED HE USED WORLD EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diamondmiles1400 1 month ago

    Yammy but make a pole

  • GIANNA PEMPKOWSKI 1 month ago

    I love this series!

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