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Minecraft video



  • dragon 149 8 months ago

    Gold rush

  • GrimGeorge 123 8 months ago

    Paul! Sprint in the water to swim! Also you can’t lead skeleton horses!

  • Keshav Ras 8 months ago

    You can make a snow generator you know that just ask the Wiki

  • Keshav Ras 8 months ago

    If your name is Sheep jeb_ it becomes Rainbow Sheep

  • Cyberra 01 8 months ago

    If you feed them they will lead you to underwater ruins or shipwrecks. There won’t be any close to your area, though, because it’s older terrain.

    Watch out for the Drowned that spawn with tridents. They can throw them and they do a stupid amount of damage.

    Get a pair of Depth Strider boots and lose the frost walkers.

    Yes, the fish are persistent. You’ll need to go to warm oceans to find the tropical fish though.

    I think you need an empty hand to mount.

    You’re inside a cloud, Paul. Your longhouse is built right at cloud level.

  • Keshav Ras 8 months ago

    Make aquarium with Dolphin in it

  • Keshav Ras 8 months ago

    If you name any pet dinner bone it becomes upside down

  • HasanTheSyrian_ 8 months ago

    OMG! The memories! I can’t forget the day I watched you and play with your wife, then with your kids back in 2013! Hopefully you can recreate that!

  • Coelancanth 8 months ago

    Do the dolphins have a better AI than the ones in Mo Creatures Mod?

  • isaaclovesanimals 8 months ago

    Drowned mobs were added 1 month ago is it diffrint in europe

  • bmarsh258 8 months ago

    Yea, PSJ! Thanks for the video. You will have fun exploring the new oceans. So much to new content, bring breathing potions. Look forward to new stories from the master storyteller minecrafter.

  • Johny Dragonborn 8 months ago

    The aquatic update is sooooo cool!!!

  • KylCeePlays 8 months ago

    More pixark paul pls xD

  • blogg227 8 months ago

    I’m trying to build an aquarium in creative but it seems the AI for fish and Dolphins isn’t that great, they keep dying on me. Anybody else having that problem?

  • Its Glada 8 months ago

    Dolphins aren’t fish they’re mammals

  • blogg227 8 months ago

    @paulsoaresjr, to ride normal horses now, you can’t have anything in your hand when you click on them. It’s a pain in the neck and I don’t get why they changed it.

  • scorpion 7086 8 months ago

    hi paul i cuold not see the vidio because my sond was not working but today i can

  • Samuel Urban 8 months ago

    Is this a thing on console?

    Plz respond ASAP

  • Samuel Urban 8 months ago

    Also you should play subnautica again

  • Michael Miller 8 months ago

    where is the download

  • Calvin Creger 8 months ago

    Can you use a name tag on a dolphin? And then maybe maneuver it into a water pen?

  • Max Krueger 8 months ago

    Hey Paul. Do dropped items in water float up to the surface now instead of sinking to the depths? Looked that way there

  • shane talip 8 months ago

    Why you stoped at unturned

  • BishopJAC 8 months ago

    Hi Paul, did you have any trouble updating your 1.12 world to the latest snapshot?

  • Donkey Kong 8 months ago

    Paul, are you ever going to kill Wither?

  • Greyfeather08 8 months ago

    Paul… Attach it to the horse first and THEN to the post lolol

  • Justin 1215 8 months ago

    Hey I don’t think you can lead skeleton horses

  • Justin 1215 8 months ago

    You can still do it with normal horses

  • MeshMN 8 months ago

    Best lets play ever – missed you Paul – thank you for making these videos!

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