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this game’s nothing but doors, racism and


Minecraft video



  • Derpity 5 months ago

    We must bring back the game.
    Actually nvm.
    Rueben dies ;-;

  • HotDog 640 5 months ago


  • Slackow 5 months ago


  • MoreAmmo 5 months ago

    It’s tomorrow where is episode 5 nerd

  • Shawm 5 months ago

    4:20 b-but what about megalovANIA?

  • 9monthss 5 months ago

    3:38:35 umm axel? Where is your eyes?

  • Tanner K 5 months ago

    I was watching this video when it first came out,

    Now I see the title and think GREAT CHANGE

  • Cooper Crosier 5 months ago

    Where is SANNNNEESSSSSS (jk)

  • The unknown 5 months ago

    How am I supposed to watch all of this!!!!

  • iChest 5 months ago

    Enderdragon, scariest creature alive right?
    Techno: pfft I killed it with a steering wheel

  • Another Human 5 months ago

    I am just a human.

  • Daisy Drawz 5 months ago

    q the doors open easy as that. or use lukas as a ram, you know. the regular.

  • Brockthatnerd 5 months ago

    Minecraft youtuber explains the law of equivalent change while running away from black people

  • other account 5 months ago

    0/10, main character died

  • jimmy owens 5 months ago

    you’re only 3 years late to this close enough

  • Irina Blitz 5 months ago

    Techno’s deadpan commentary over this PG, teamwork & friendship themed game is honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Aeric Jagorin 5 months ago

    The 3rd video hasn’t come yet but I saved it with like :D

  • FishyPlayz - Minecraft 5 months ago

    Bro i love your commentary just subbed:D

  • GemJam 5 months ago

    Techno you don’t get coins for killing these nerds

  • Fireball__Gaming 5 months ago

    every time he had to press Q i did it with him, and i have to say, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CREATORS OF THAT GAME YOUR TRYING TO KILL HIS FINGERS

  • adem hoshigake 5 months ago

    Great content.

  • adem hoshigake 5 months ago

    Ok now this is epic

  • Nathan White 5 months ago

    “So we haven’t been able to genocide many people yet” — Technoblade

  • Fireball__Gaming 5 months ago

    “Oh my god he has ligma!”

  • Zeptomotic 5 months ago

    Blyat many ads revenues

  • Orange Profile Picture 5 months ago

    *-Homework-** TechnoBlade*

  • nobodychao 5 months ago

    hack for watching minecraft storymode with technoblade: watch at 1.5x speed

  • Ryan Aint Gamin' 5 months ago

    i like how jesse is just straight up doing daylight robbery while soren is just talks about his good old days

  • SuperMortar 5 months ago

    /kill @e

  • Endgator Playz 5 months ago

    0:27 He said meee

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