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DREAM ISLAND ON MINECRAFT! If you enjoyed this


Minecraft video



  • Katie Brown 11 months ago

    Why didn’t you do a red carpet

  • KaylaPlays Roblox 11 months ago


  • Gabriela Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Sana is hot

  • Jatin Verma 11 months ago

    Jelly don’t use cheats. Using cheats make it less entertaining.

  • RAGHAV VLOGS 11 months ago

    why there is redstone torches in the house

  • Silversaivlna Ba2 11 months ago

    Make a pig and cow and horse farm

  • L BOSS 11 months ago

    I want to see the cave being built

  • Alfie Bayliss 11 months ago

    Your in creative

  • Fahim Mazumder 11 months ago

    you could have just use grass block

  • Morteza Hosseini 11 months ago

    Jelly you need fence around th pool or if you don’t put fence there gonna escape bc if you Put blocks a rounded there gonna jump on the block and swim away

  • Morteza Hosseini 11 months ago

    Oh I’m Sorry jelly for that comment

  • The MLG Emoji 11 months ago


  • zeke Sabijon 11 months ago

    hey jelly I think you should make a jelly pls

  • Emerald PlayerGR 11 months ago

    Install mods

  • Adrit Babu 11 months ago

    Plz continue your minecraft series

  • Adrit Babu 11 months ago

    Love your series and you two

  • RichardPlays 11 months ago

    Ahhh you’ve done creative… nvm atleast jelly still does minecraft

  • Crazyblock Gaming 11 months ago

    Jelly!only 5k more subs for 7m subs congratulations jelly!

  • You could’ve put concrete as your path way

  • Javian Talley 11 months ago

    I have the newest version of minecraft pe you can make the armor stands dab only if you crotch and you can get birds

  • all-star Jay 11 months ago

    Sanna sounds like she does not want kids

  • Gaming Hunter 11 months ago

    Jelly can you do a livestream of Minecraft for 2 hrs

  • Gaming Hunter 11 months ago

    And but fences around the path way

  • kevin awesime 11 months ago

    Build a Job center

  • The Nautilus 11 months ago

    Make a iron golem and name it bob the golem

  • אוריה מרדו 11 months ago

    bild a pol

  • Yip Phoebe 11 months ago

    build Olaf

  • Smile Elvin 11 months ago

    7 MILLLLLLL!!!

  • Cole Elzey 11 months ago

    you can get a pet like a dog give a dog a bone!!!

  • Cole Elzey 11 months ago

    give a wolf a bone!!!!!!!!!!

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