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NEW MOBS IN VANILLA MINECRAFT! | NO Mods | Only One Command (Minecraft Vanilla Mod) 1500 likes for more Only One Command Block? :D | Don’t miss an episode!â-» …


Minecraft video

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  • RePlayPlayBack17 4 years ago

    Give this to BdoubleO and don’t tell him what it does and let him figure it
    out XD?

  • Cheryl Bernstein 4 years ago

    hey log dot zip you should use these commands in the next how to mine craft
    if the mod allows use of command blocks without being op-ed or being on

  • Phoenix SC 4 years ago

    *Oh wow! Thanks again, Tyler! I absolutely loved making this! =)*

    PS: *You need to stop using my puns!*?

  • IamCbeast 4 years ago

    Hey man, I’ve been subbed to you for a very long time, deep into the
    Runescape days… And I’ve got to say you sound 10x more vibrant than you
    did back then. I remember listening to your rambling videos and it just
    didn’t sound like you were having much fun with the game we all call life.
    But now it’s different, and I love it. I don’t really watch the Minecraft
    videos you post, but I’m a subscriber for life. Have a good one.?

  • Pokecraft 4 years ago

    Do Pokemon one commandblock ?

  • RadiclEqol 4 years ago

    Sweet video! Love your content! I actually make command block videos
    myself! Keep up the good work!?

  • MatrixPlays - Minecraft & Pixelmon 4 years ago

    Great episode Log! I really enjoy how complex these are! Keep up the series
    dude! ;D?

  • XFEMUS 4 years ago

    Or… Or…

    Get mods?

  • BlueLightning343 4 years ago

    Awesome contraption and an amazing showcase as always!?

  • MarcVsPokemon 4 years ago

    *Tyler, PC specs?*?

  • Marco Meiler 4 years ago

    Im working on a real morphing mod with only one command! I love to have
    mods without having mods and this is the way to do that. Hope its done in a
    couple of weeks :) ?

  • Jim B 4 years ago

    Just that you know Optifine C7 is out?

  • Justin Jarrett 4 years ago

    +Logdotzip *NEW MOBS IN VANILLA MINECRAFT!* | NO Mods | Only One Command
    (Minecraft Vanilla Mod)
    1,500 likes for more Only One Command Block? :D | Don’t miss an
    episode!?link here
    *Earthquakes in Vanilla Minecraft!*

    lol fail!?

  • Logdotzip 4 years ago

    Earthquakes In Vanilla Minecraft! This may shake you!…er, SHOCK* you…

  • Ethan Harris 4 years ago

    Earthquake in the End!?

  • HBKfoghig 4 years ago

    That creeper was so scared he jumped into the water?

  • Con Man 4 years ago

    Ive been scrolling down and saw like 10 people saying things like “under 20
    comments club” or “200th view” NO ONE GIVES A FREAKING CRAP?

  • Frankster 450 4 years ago

    Great vid +logdotzip ?

  • Panda Bear 4 years ago

    You should have gone to the end and done it and see if you could kill the

  • Android Man 4 years ago

    What’s with the description? It says that it adds new mobs, but this is the
    earthquake vid. I’m just really ocd with this kind of stuff.?