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Sten and Flouze built an exciting elytra course


Minecraft video



  • vincent marandola 9 months ago


  • i suck BBC for i can BRO 9 months ago

    I’m 2

  • i suck BBC for i can BRO 9 months ago

    Person to comment

  • Raz David 9 months ago

    2 enchanted elytra is way better than a beacon

  • Silent Gamer 9 months ago

  • Randy Vallian 9 months ago

    dead race

  • Izz Inuendo 9 months ago

    Splat goes the people

  • Waterflame 9 months ago

    Here’s hoping that none of your players are red/green colourblind…

  • Scott Perry 9 months ago

    I saw you skip that ring, you cheater!

  • Kathy Clysm 9 months ago

    I think your community peeps seem very sweet and fun! :D

  • Mr_inkredible 9 months ago

    Beef cheated

  • Saw Htoo 9 months ago

    How do you even fly

  • Stalker Bleach 9 months ago

    understandable have a great day

  • Diane Moser 9 months ago

    Walking on a treadmill while watching this. Almost fell off as I ducked and leaned to help Beef get through the rings…

  • Stalker Bleach 9 months ago

    can u do more base tours

  • Josephine Medema 9 months ago

    Soooo many Dutchys on your server dude! Amazing! If I had some money to donate and join I would, maybe in a couple of months! LOVE this race track, props to the builders!

  • Crixs A Random YouTuber 9 months ago

    Beef please do an adventure map with Team canada. pause and etho. I love the old times when u did colour wool maps!

  • McHaven07 9 months ago

    cheater! skipped a ring 9:24

  • iBigMacPT 9 months ago

    Please bring back ni no kuni

  • Fuya Hanabi 9 months ago

    Those small rings are too tight for those who aren’t flight experts XD

  • Tyrone Jone Arroyo 9 months ago

    How many years has it been when they added the off hand and Beef doesn’t know how to eat with the off hand!?

  • Dante Leon 9 months ago

    Isn’t teleporting fat guy from smosh,that reference,lol

  • Zachary S 9 months ago

    Hopefully beef keeps doing the patreon rewards far into the future, as I don’t have a job ATM, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.

  • Yesits Kam 9 months ago

    Lol the sign basically don’t cheat or beef kicks you lol

  • SILSKY 9 months ago

    This needs to happen again. I would love to participate in this event!

  • Neptitude 9 months ago

    I love the videos where the community is involved!

  • neonhomer 9 months ago

    For some reason, I didn’t think Tiltedwings would sound like she does…

  • DasVERMiT 9 months ago

    If you don’t care about the rules and stuff and just want to get to the races:
    08:20 – 1st Race
    15:30 – 2nd Race
    24:50 – 3rd Race

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