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Minecraft video



  • Matthias 8 months ago

    Remember guys, the moral of the gummy bear story is: Only sit in a chair, if it’s made of actual gummy

  • Infinity Troll 8 months ago

    i use tubebuddy

  • Alson Phang 8 months ago

    #notification squad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taevon biggs 8 months ago

    Bring back RYC Matt love you

  • EnTaK GAMES 8 months ago

    11:21 lol just go to iraq

  • Colleen 8 months ago

    like every kid in my middle school drinks coffee

  • Krystal Dotson 8 months ago

    Try the website they have alot of Amazon suggestions!

  • Lexi Vass 8 months ago

    For the caffeine powder thing, by “energize anything” it means your can make any drink caffeinated

  • Keillan Rowe 8 months ago

    Every body spam pop it pal for them to react

  • Hanging with Lucas 8 months ago

    Hey Matthies I subscribed and turned on notifications!

  • Isabella Santiago 8 months ago

    I was drinking coffee since I was 8

  • Peter R 8 months ago

    Thx for all your awesome videos

  • Rebekah Tippett 8 months ago

    Notification sqaud

  • Sidney Monkey 8 months ago

    I need caffeine to com me down because I have ADHD

  • samrat mukherjee 8 months ago

    Guess who it is!!?? ##Notificationsquad !!!!

  • Cj Wiggins 8 months ago


  • 1NotNormal 8 months ago

    Hey! I’m in highschool and I do drink Coffee!

    Can’t say anything about drugs tho

  • Christopher Argueta 8 months ago

    Matthias your my favorite YouTuber your so fun

  • Gio SanchezAlvarez 8 months ago

    12:08 caffeine kills

  • Nicholas Buchenau 8 months ago

    #notificationsquad, wassup

  • Shikamaru Nara 8 months ago

    Lol, centripetal and centrifugal force aren’t math, they’re science…

  • Toothgeckeo 1 8 months ago

    wait did he say nigativity

  • Magic Magi 8 months ago

    Matt I’m fourteen, depressed, & NEED caffeine

  • NerdyGamer45 8 months ago

    hi matthias #notificatonsquad

  • Yadira Garcia 8 months ago

    I loved the wife strikers they can work for my mom and I also that ting were youre cafe didn’t speald

  • Shikamaru Nara 8 months ago

    my couch is tired… it needs one of these… couch explodes

  • Angel Landsverk 8 months ago


  • Angelynn Marin 8 months ago

    I liked and subscribed and clicked that bell are the best

  • Golden Willow Lane 8 months ago

    please reply to me!! i love all your videos!!

  • Get Rekt 8 months ago

    I am 13 and I have 8 Mountain Dews a day.

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