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Today it’s about time to complete the Mountain


Minecraft video



  • wattles 1 week ago

    Whos excited for the new base??

  • Dévran Porchet 1 week ago

    Hey how can you see the durability of your tools is that a mod or something?

  • Fireblade166 1 week ago

    Minecraft should slow down on the updates lol there throwing new things in left and right!

  • Psych 1 week ago

    Mr. Wattles! I’m pretty new here and Loving this LP! Can you tell us more about yourself in the next episode please!? :)

  • Joshua Master 1 week ago

    Just wanted to say that please put the stairs one block lower on the beams.
    Love This Series!!

  • ANLEK 1 week ago

    Dude that’s a perfect place for a dwarf Fortress !! You should build one !!!

  • Zack Lawrence 1 week ago

    Wattle make a shield! and great vid as always

  • GGBRIDGE Gaming 1 week ago


  • THEBLUELINE xD 1 week ago

    I hate the new textures….Am I the single one that thinks that?

  • Mollof 1 week ago

    I love diorite

  • Dylan Ferns 1 week ago

    Wattles please make a video on how to kill and farm endermen.

  • Kim van der Sanden 1 week ago

    Is the seed known yet?

  • VOLT RED 1 week ago

    Saw the series from the start

  • hunter_58 1 week ago

    First let’s play series I’m watching start to finish as it gets uploaded. I hope this is long term :) ))) so committed

  • Cytone lmao 1 week ago

    “It’s pretty good for early game right?”

  • Jaime Jr. Umlas 1 week ago

    at the beginning I thought that my phone was lagging

  • Smart Brains 1 week ago

    Legit thought you got your audio video wrong

  • Johnfil Initan 1 week ago


    Wattles’ intro:

  • Tree 1 week ago

    Monday as in today

  • Lufroloc 1 week ago

    I’m really liking this series, like, a lot.

  • James Robles 1 week ago

    You should make a base for each unique biome type

  • Sara Richter 1 week ago

    I am super loving this series!
    The bridge and path look great and yeah, nice easy materials. :)
    Thank you , Wattles for making this.

  • Bluenix _Indo 1 week ago

    I follow Mumbo jumbo tutorial that i should make a cave house, i want to move on like you but, inside of my base there is lot of Giant of farm, from iron farm, xp grinder, general mob farm, bonemeal farm, sugar cane farm. How do i move it if there a way to transport all of them, please tell me

  • Eddy Gaming 1 week ago

    Road to 100 000 subs!Congrats!

  • Finley 1 week ago

    have you considered joining hermitcraft?

  • Jacob Oden 1 week ago

    I feel like you could still upgrade the bridge to the base… but if you want to keep it like that then I won’t try to stop you.

  • 殤炎 1 week ago

    I’ll miss your cave (;_;)

  • Shendy Edmilao 1 week ago

    Lovee your videoss wattles!

  • rybellious 1 week ago

    This is a much better way to play minecraft, as opposed to rushing diamonds on the 2nd day

  • Youtube Channel 1 week ago

    Hey Wattles!!!
    For every “base” you make try and style it to a specific colour…
    Like the Cave base is Blue and your other bases can resemble another colour like red,orange,yellow,ect.
    Love the guide series and can’t get enough of them
    Good Work!!

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