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  • first?

  • WyernGaming 11 months ago

    best time of the day

  • george voichev 11 months ago

    hy how are you?

  • Bloxx9 11 months ago

    I’m actually really enjoying this series and I loved the end game grind project ozone kappa and would love to see it here.
    Basically make all the creative items

  • Pete Richardson 11 months ago

    There is 2 different level up mods, I think the other one is bound to L by default IIRC

  • Eric De Leenheer 11 months ago


  • Jean-François Désormeaux 11 months ago

    im getting sick of this modpack, its sooooooo slow, too many walls…. i want a diffenrent modpack T.T

  • eddog6666 11 months ago

    you get more skills the higher your health is. Blighted mobs=heart containers by player kill. Heart containers= More hearts. More hearts= better skills. and yes there are hidden ones that if you max it out.

  • wsbbastard 11 months ago

    There is a hidden chest behind the space ship in the nether. About 20 block high. Look for it. Its a nice find.

  • Gaming ByGaby 11 months ago

    i love this guy’s content.

  • Miningstein is awsome 11 months ago

    I would love to see all the creative items

  • eddog6666 11 months ago

    You know you maybe able to craft the elytra?

  • littlekittens2011 11 months ago

    Great find that the crusher kills the wither, I wonder if that is a config option.

  • Jonathan Hoefkens 11 months ago

    Yeah, only 4 diamonds left

  • Soren Davis 11 months ago

    The wither might not have been forming because there were invisible light blocks from the magic lanterns you used. This also explains why it started working after you built it once, because it deleted the light blocks.

  • MagicBKnight 11 months ago

    Hypno us the Super-Laminar fluiduct… as long as the pipe is full it has an infinate transfer speed

  • Matheus Pereira 11 months ago

    There is a crystal lens that focuses those erodium crystals, it just doesn’t render in JEI. It IS completely possible to upgrade the void ore miner with that.

  • BlackSilverFox 11 months ago

    Isint the erodium and other special crystal use a “Crystal Lense” instead of a colored one?

  • chris p 11 months ago

    Im a sick and twisted individual, and also a touch masochistic. Im a completionist at the games i play. Id like to invite you to play through ALL the quests in that silly book. Ive seen you play some other games. You got this. (Maybe put up a YT poll to ask the masses?)

  • Robin Ali 11 months ago

    Wither Dust blocks are in fact wither proof in this pack Hypno

  • Anders Moore 11 months ago

    Thank you for the awesome content my man!

  • legostar55 11 months ago

    Wow OCTUPLE COMPRESSED COBBLESTONE. You just got one for free! Nice

  • Matthew Jones 11 months ago

    Xp tap

  • Lions Gaming20 11 months ago

    The Super-Laminare are the fastes liquid pipes if there are full

  • kittu989 11 months ago

    Hypno make an OP crossbow from project ozone 2 kappa mode which is of course OP PLEASE

  • Hans Peter Strohut 11 months ago

    You know withers are 1x4x1 blocks, so they can go through the one wide hole in the sealing.

  • space catt 11 months ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Ho Hon Lawrence So 11 months ago

    You can get more shards by mining with a tinker pic with a part made of those essence ingots from the mod.

  • MrHooveri 11 months ago

    Anybody else having problems downloading this modpack from Twitch?? I’m getting Addon Install Error everytime I try to download, doesn’t matter which version of modpack I try to install…

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