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Let’s play FTB Horizons III, a new Minecraft


Minecraft video



  • rexxed757 11 months ago

    try and find mahogany or dark oak

  • watcher5483 11 months ago

    Wels, Please promise me that you won’t do your usual thing and build with a medieval or kingdom style this time around

  • fire lord 11 months ago

    Keep the house it look’s very good

  • 3lv3ng0d 11 months ago

    seeing the normal texture pack is awful after playing with sphax for so long lol

  • SlipStream 2006 11 months ago

    no more ark?

  • ALPHA WOLF JJ 11 months ago

    It was great!! I want to download this mod but I can’t figurw out gow. If anyone one knows I would be so happy if you could help me figure it out.

  • Dimitris Kat 11 months ago

    Lol that house looked like a barn from the outside

  • Miro Gaming 11 months ago

    continue this modpack please !!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Thelionking 11 months ago

    Whats the keys you use to put all the stuff into your cests so fast?

  • Zombie Pro176 11 months ago

    I played that mod pack and it was so lage I count play can some tall me why

  • Joe Cabral 11 months ago

    Silent’s Gemsis in the pack and a decent early game option for repairable tools, a bit like tinker’s. Hint: start with flint and then upgrade

  • Maks Kuts 11 months ago

    Remind you for paste your seed to description

  • Rosamaris Frias 11 months ago

    Kip going

  • Jeanne Todd 11 months ago

    I love your vids I love you playing minceaft even I play mincraft

  • Black Plague 11 months ago

    How many times have you become victim to falling through a 1×1 block hole into ravines leading to either your death or left with very little heath left?

  • Danielle Linkletter 11 months ago

    I was really hoping that you would build in the redwood forest

  • Nostalgion 11 months ago

    I am very excited to watch this series, loved this episode, your voice is great.

  • JayfireTheCat 11 months ago

    How dare you say birtch wood is ugly, birtch wood is my favorite wood! 2nd favorite is oak wood, 3rd favorite is dark oak.

  • CrystalFox799 11 months ago

    wut bout vanilla plus?

  • Random Town Gaming and more 11 months ago

    Birch is beautiful

  • whitebeartigtig 11 months ago

    What on earth is astral sorcery

  • whitebeartigtig 11 months ago

    I still play modded 1.7

  • whitebeartigtig 11 months ago

    Wels that’s not a hatchet that’s an axe

  • Softwerker 11 months ago

    Hey man, welcome to the Horizons party. :-D

    Really loved playing the pack and learned to love a lot mods that I have not seen before.

  • SKELTON'S HAMMER 11 months ago

    Time in 1903 I like your house sir I like the way it looks you’re a great Builder and I like the Redwoods so just wanted you to know that it just cuz you don’t love it I do keep up the good work sir thanks a lot

  • TheUltimateGam3r 11 months ago

    lost cities is so cool

  • TheUltimateGam3r 11 months ago

    i was playing this modpack 2 weeks ago then i saw simple life

  • NiceJohn Li123 11 months ago

    This is cool

  • Shanilka Gamage 11 months ago

    Hey could anyone tell me what that hunger bar mod is pls
    Thanks in advance

  • Esmi Medina 11 months ago

    Um welsknight can you buy me a new computer, because my laptop is the worst laptop to play Minecraft in, HP STREAM windows 10 , worst computer for gaming, not. Even optifine can save you from the LAG OF DEATH

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