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FTB Infinity, A brand New Mod Pack from FTB containing, 155+ Mods, making it one of the the biggest FTB 1.7.10 Minecraft Mod pack! World Download – [Mega] World Download…


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  • StaQz Counter StaQzClan Sniping 4 years ago

    Yo Gaming On Caffeine Amazing videos, but please could you make the ftb
    infinity ones like 30 minutes since I really like it, I like your other
    series, but not as much as this one and could you upload these ones daily,
    I know that u pretty much do but somethimes you dont, and u know for every
    10 episodes, you make a download of the map and such, could you please make
    every 10 episodes like maybe 40 minutes 45 minutes or higher if u could

  • anderson tapia 4 years ago

    Mine to the bottom of that well theyre might a chest there

  • Jonathan Roberts 4 years ago

    How do u remeber how to do all of the stuff like automating stuff because
    ur awesome at all of it?

  • Jo Johnsrud 4 years ago

    Would love to play with You off-cam, Horseman. Can You play crazy craft?
    Love Your videos?

  • Jonathan Aguilar 4 years ago

    Show us how to make an unlimited way to get mob essence please!?

  • callmecristal 4 years ago

    Isaac, the way you do your let’s play series is amazing!! Most youtubers
    either make it boring as hell where they craft everything on camera really
    slowly and bore you to death or they literally cut everything they do out
    and just show you the final product and that’s no fun at all! You are right
    in the middle! You show us everything you do to the point where it’s
    interesting and not boring! Honestly you are fast becoming one of my
    favorite minecraft youtubers! Keep up the good work mate! ?

  • CasualKiwiGaming 4 years ago

    Hi Isaac, If you throw a conduit facade over the redstone conduit from
    ender io you can then put the lever on the facade. Keep up the good work!?

  • Green Mario 4 years ago

    *cough* FTB Infinity has 153 Mods *cough* not 155+?

  • Prolifegaming8 4 years ago

    Can someone help! My jetpack is stuck in hovermode. How I get it to tunr

  • Crazy_Gaming 4 years ago

    I have memorized your intro thats how much i love you infinity series and
    your amazing channel (No Homo)?

  • ChaosmanOne 4 years ago

    Hello Mr. Caffeine,

    I just thought I’d let you know,
    that Red Alloy Wire and Tinker’s Drawbridges,
    can cause a ticking entity error,
    that will crash your world.

    In sincerity,


  • gferrol118 4 years ago

    I like the trash can but I only use it when i automate throwing away stuff.
    Last time I used it to get rid of stuff in my inventory I threw away my
    mystic branch… And that’s a pain to get?

  • Joshua Berman 4 years ago

    Issac check out draconic evolution, it may be a really big late game item
    but i think it is still worth looking into. Good for power storage.?

  • gman1612 4 years ago

    Trap some villagers in a room,put a vac chest in the floor,emeralds for
    dayz….dig a pit next to it open to the dark outside,whack in a
    grinder….zombie juice for dayz too! :) ?

  • Gaming On Caffeine 4 years ago
  • jesse solkema 4 years ago

    U threw away gun powder when u accidently threw away right after making
    trash can. ?

  • ElectronicHD11 4 years ago

    You can also find emeralds in the highland biome.?

  • gferrol118 4 years ago

    The damage you take in the smeltery is effected by armor. If you are
    wearing armor every time it hurts you, you still get the 5mb of blood but
    you take a lot less damage… Also you can just put rotten flesh in the
    smeltery and you get blood?

  • TheSpiritBeing 4 years ago

    I’m sure you caught this in editing, but when you made the trash can you
    threw out 6 gunpowder. To answer your question.?

  • zetaCrafter 4 years ago

    a good use for cobble stone is to make sand by placing into a
    macerater/pulverizer(which ever you have) then cook the sand into glass.?