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Minecraft video



  • Kristina Lea Silver 1 year ago

    YAY GenerikB Minecraft!!!!

  • MrUberbongo 1 year ago

    haven’t punched that like button in a long long time,…
    but generikb + minecraft,… OMG yes yes !!!!

    Smashing that thumbs up!!!!!!

    1. why aren’t you on Hermitcraft
    2. why don’t you p;ay with the Bdubs on Bteam??

    no no i am sorry for asking :)

    please try and get on the next season hermitcraft with the team.

  • Braxton Meyer 1 year ago

    He’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah boiiiiiiii!

  • Yannick Ebner 1 year ago

    It’s back baby!

  • ha2oh 42 1 year ago

    There’s the mod ore excavator in the pack with which you can mine a whole vein of blocks instead of just one block. its like veinminer. You just need to go to controls and then configure it to a certain key and then you can press that key while you are mining a block and you while mine the other blocks from the same type as well.

  • Brand New 1 year ago

    Love the new Minecraft! You should consider playing the Skyfactory Modpack, its a very fun version where you have to rebuild starting from just a dirt block and a tree!

  • Arrowthagamer 15 1 year ago

    love it make more

  • Quinn 1 year ago

    Ol’ Genny’s back!!

  • Chris Barr 1 year ago

    I’m pissed off! now I’m tearing up Genny. So happy, ass. LOL

  • Will B 1 year ago

    Wait… Didn’t you create Hermitcraft? Not being let back into a club you started is kind of… Well, odd.

  • VikoHD 1 year ago

    yayyyy Genny minecraft ;)

  • BadJokeGamer 1 year ago

    I better see some flim flammin

  • Toasty The gamer 1 year ago

    Dang, I go away for a weekend, and couldn’t have had a better surprise!!!!

  • Pierre-Marc Hart 1 year ago

    Omg. I can’t believe it

  • Cujo Plays 1 year ago

    Welcome back to minecraft. But that gui is huge though haha

  • Pancake Trowsers 1 year ago

    hey generikb btw theres a cooldown on the swings so just spamming the click button isnt gona d oany damage . you have to wait till the bar goes back up to get full damage if u spam it its like only hitting for half a heart or less

  • Verruckter Schakal 1 year ago

    the stupid fools at hermitcraft should have let you back in. screw them!

  • Dissa1 1 year ago

    crop duster, you fart on crops to make them grow

  • Virgil R Garwood 1 year ago

    **side eyes his drink**
    there’s not supposed to be alcohol in this… but clearly…

  • TriWithMS 1 year ago

    You, Etho, Doc, BDubs, should start your own new server and invite a few others

  • Max Salmon 1 year ago

    Oh shoot, I missed this when it first came out! Nice!

  • Yea dude 1 year ago

    Bdubs is really into Chisels and Bits

  • TwiLord 1 year ago

    One of the Godfather’s of Minecraft, needing help to play the game. Glad to see you getting back into the game Genny!

  • Clayton Hayward 1 year ago


  • Daan Scatozza 1 year ago

    the little dirt guys are actually used as pets!

  • Susan Marciniak 1 year ago

    @Generikb try the chicken mod it’s chickens that poop out MATERIALS! Witchcraft?!?!

  • Joe Cabral 1 year ago

    Gemmie moar MC Gennie!!

  • Георги Бойчев 1 year ago

    I missed you playing minecraft

  • Garretts101 1 year ago

    You have to hit slowly or you dont do any damage, its an actual Minecraft feature.

  • Георги Бойчев 1 year ago

    so there will be bteam minecraft maybe?..

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