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Thumbs up if you are a GLG! If you want to Play Minecraft then join me on this server: IP is – Also Follow me here –

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  • Steven Price 3 years ago

    Dont know why ricardo still likes? you

  • Kevin Holguin 3 years ago

    I’ll give them about 5 episodes? before they destroy the house

  • emanthabateh1 3 years ago

    ryan the big? bully

  • MCVCarlos 3 years ago

    So much? lolz

  • Jereme Nhean 3 years ago

    I did one stack of? raw beef its easy in flat land
    and actully you need 7 coal

  • loveya03114 3 years ago

    I just lost it and it is 3 am. My mom yelled at me to shut up….? Girls with penis. No plural.

  • Linzea Bettencourt 3 years ago

    LOL i couldnt stop laughing …i got a migrane and had to take pain? killers

  • superblack898 3 years ago

    anchorman? reference!!!!

  • Eileen Jacob 3 years ago

    Hahah girl with penis? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • HandyQuack101 3 years ago

    ryan your? the only amaerican thats in the brocraft crew

  • riorippel712 3 years ago

    Haha ricardo? :D

  • andres yepiz 3 years ago


  • Jiszdoesminecraft 3 years ago

    He’s always like this..? especially back in the old days

  • Spartavionaz 3 years ago

    Hey good looking? gamer! I have the perfect idea to blow up Ricardo. So Minecraft has something called a detector rail. Its like a pressure plates except for minecarts. They also happen to look similar to regular powered rails. So all you have to do is replace one of Ricardo’s powered rails with a detector one, put a redstone torch on one side of it, then on the other side, hook it up to some TNT further up the track. Ricardo then comes riding the track and KABOOM! -Spartavion

  • ImSipszify 3 years ago

    funniest? episode ever

  • Joshua Salvador 3 years ago

    Jolo Swayj xS?

  • Matthew Weatherhead 3 years ago

    i know i will get a lot of hate and dislikes on this comment but my ‘mate’ has got a channel he? does minecraft and pokemon he only has like 20 suscribers so please check him out he is called DarkZekrom9898 so just gim him a try please! he does great vids :D

  • BurstinnRage 3 years ago

    Why you lot so harsh on ricardo? Feel sorry for? him uno

  • Evansti13 3 years ago

    I died at the end! XD oh my? gooooodnessss!

  • Spingfray Man 3 years ago

    I? always laugh in your videos