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Hey guys and welcome to the brand new series!


Minecraft video



  • LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods! 10 months ago

    Remember to leave your ideas in the comments and leave a like if you enjoy the series :)

  • Gaming Tuxedo 10 months ago

    Make bendy real and kill him

  • Odin Gamer21 10 months ago

    Make A Christmas episode where your mom gets you a giant circus baby

  • Jake Braithwaite 10 months ago

    I think you should blow up the chubacobra

  • Jamie WICKES 10 months ago

    Ask little lizard to come over and ask the sintent to shrink him for a prank

  • Jamie WICKES 10 months ago

    And play with him

  • ziannamc 10 months ago

    Hello neighbour in the little series this is my mums fasebook

  • rj Tucay 10 months ago


  • amaya baker 10 months ago

    play more Minecraft with five nights at Freddy pls

  • Deon Smith 10 months ago

    Deoné 22

  • Aaron the gamer 91 10 months ago

    Freddy turns on you istugram aaronthegamer91

  • Darren Emerson 10 months ago

    Become spies and spy on bendy

  • Connor Kilgour 10 months ago

    I love the foxy little lizard can you give away the foxy please?

  • Marivie Banares 10 months ago

    your channel is cool can you du more of little minecraft please

  • Devon Dyson 10 months ago

    you should make one were you get on a ari plane

  • Phylicia Brown 10 months ago

    Pick me my name is London and you should do is tell foxy what to do OK

  • Jimmycasket 20 10 months ago

    maybe make where go to other parts of the house to get rid of the rat looking thing the fnaf crew got eaten by

  • Isabel Jimenez Perez 10 months ago

    kill the Mouse

  • Riley HALL 10 months ago

    Wake up the dragon then bring it in to the rats cave

  • Julekhha Jolly 10 months ago

    tiny turtle

  • noor hidayat 10 months ago

    Tiny turtle take the mouse out

  • Amanda Davis 10 months ago

    bring in the Transformers

  • Myka S 10 months ago

    littleLizard you kud be Berar then baby max?

  • Zachariah Schultz 10 months ago

    go to the attic and find the nightmare anamatronics

  • typical oscar gaming3 10 months ago

    my instergram is oscarandino486

  • JJpup 123 10 months ago


  • Jeffrey Earley 10 months ago

    make a huge evil littli Kelly and she made evar toy evil

  • Katie Rose 10 months ago

    make the mouse get revenge!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg gamer M 10 months ago

    hi tiny turtle I don’t have instergram!!!

  • Omg gamer M 10 months ago

    you could wake up minions and gru.

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