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Inspired by the game Granny by Dveloper


Minecraft video



  • Sans the skeleton 8 months ago

    Did anyone noticed to house in animazion is really simular to one rejectedshotgun used in his RP series Hunted

  • BlazingZeeksYT -Roblox Games & More 8 months ago

    5:21 lol
    6:01 another lol

  • Rowena Monis 8 months ago

    LOL i get it ehhehehehhh #Noob is Noob lol

  • yanyan dizon 8 months ago

    hey I like this vid but your vid it’s not like I like you I like that

  • Ashley Playz 8 months ago


  • roaxism 8 months ago

    Yo Nathan I watch all your vids they are amazing and a part 2 to Granny would be amazing!

  • Nathan is a sweet

  • Nanda Freitas 8 months ago

    Parte 2 Yes yes

  • iLeaf FX 8 months ago


  • sweet cutie yui 8 months ago

    It was kinda funny but i love your vids but wait did i just saw arbiter 617 and derp from the black plasma studios ,well.. who cares love it , love yah keep up the good work nathan

  • Anime Girl 8 months ago


  • jojoy darw 8 months ago

    Oy bebop play these gaem

  • Cookie Studios 8 months ago

    ooooo, i wish i could meet you and also great vid

  • Markus Schulz 8 months ago

    Part 2? Yes please

  • Markus Schulz 8 months ago

    Part one was very nice place part two

  • Roblox coolboygamer 292 8 months ago

    When a hungry war I ear ded 3 time

  • Dung Nguyen 8 months ago

    NATHAN are you play pixel gun 3D and you had a girlfriend name chara RIGHT?
    please answen me

  • T Longe 8 months ago


  • IsYinkieNL 8 months ago

    Rip the purple girl

  • Alesha 8 months ago

    1:46 that sword look likes batman 4014 except for not being metal its actually wood
    if anyone saw batman’s video’s

  • wolf Xye playz Navarro 8 months ago

    I’m the girl purpled hair

  • Bilal _Indonesia 8 months ago

    Hey nathan. I think she love you and I think you need to married her

  • Emir Curaci 8 months ago


  • Komik Videolar 8 months ago

    Nice animation Nathan

  • xXyoitzkrystalXx Roblox 8 months ago

    Do part 2 pwesss it’s gonna be so funny I love how when they get whacked by the bat it’s so funny (I fell out my chair)

  • Rejected Gamer4 8 months ago

    The face u made when u got hit with Granny’s bat XD

  • Diamond Player 8 months ago

    Wonder what the girl’s name is…

  • howl _1207 8 months ago

    Nice work (like always) im srry im really late but i just wanna know how does the girl have high tech advancement like her weapons are just levitating and she went to the second floor by just stepping unto a plat form and float up. I need those types of advancement in my house

  • Alot Shapot 8 months ago

    LOL I tought this was granny?Turns out to be memes LOL btw Love ur vids

  • Shun Guang Ke 8 months ago


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