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Its GRANNY 2 and the Horror is in MINECRAFT!


Minecraft video



  • FuturisticHub 8 months ago

    Here it is! *HIT LIKE NOW FOR DAY 3* You’ve requested it, I delivered. More to come! Thanks for the support and turn those notifications on so you don’t miss another video! Did you find the secret channel yet? ;) New video in an hour! See you there!

  • MLG MARIO BROS 8 months ago


  • Derpy Pro 8 months ago

    Futurstichub is there second channel Of you but its called creamworoks animation did you made a secretly second channel

  • Tristan Edwards 8 months ago

    This make me never want to play granny again

  • Derpy Pro 8 months ago

    Futurstichub when are going to do a Q&a Special

  • Mr. rubies 8 months ago

    Can u start playing Fortnite

  • ImovieProductions 8 months ago


  • Connor Mann 8 months ago

    Steve make a granny part 3

  • Derpy Pro 8 months ago


  • Derpy Pro 8 months ago

    Add more cussing

  • choco blox 8 months ago

    7:44 this one my favorite

  • Yvette Washington 8 months ago

    Thanks so much RIP

  • Nathan’s Channel 8 months ago

    Is steve gay?

  • Yvette Washington 8 months ago

    If u wn want to know about 2 escape the grandma granny I mean cut go downstairs in the basement cut the cord when you get the gold key when you do that the door lock will shut off and then you have to find a hard to break the wood with and then you can

  • DustineQ6 Calubad 8 months ago

    Thats funny the golden shower hahaha

  • Mylayia Smith 8 months ago

    My Favorite Animator

  • KZR_ProMLG 908 8 months ago

    Granny look like a little child

  • Out Of Sale GY 8 months ago

    Warning:You got banned cuz u dont scared by GRANNY :(

  • Kamilla Gyorgy 8 months ago

    Uuuuuuu…A key!

  • RealPhilGames 8 months ago

    The north korea joke lel

  • reflex modz 8 months ago

    Oooooouuuuuuu a key

  • Rosa Matias 8 months ago

    He keep saying ooooooo a key

  • LUKAps 2007 8 months ago

    Episode 3

  • جعفر m 8 months ago

    You fauk it

  • Trickster playz 8 months ago

    2:53 r.i.p the granny was trying to kiss

  • yasin yadollahi 8 months ago

    I love the times when u say ohhh a key

  • Cake Meowz 8 months ago

    Ooo toilet wtf..

  • Trickster playz 8 months ago

    3:37 dirty ideas

  • Savage Wolff-_- 8 months ago

    This guys is funny af 7:14 Get back lady. Suprise butt sex coming right up lmfffao

  • Pirate Noob 8 months ago

    U could of used the bomb she put on the door xd

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