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Hardcore Minecraft Blast Off returns! In this episode Lanceypooh is still recovering from his recent untimely demise and working on some new quests! .:Subscribe:.


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  • GetSmart_Jr 4 years ago

    The “MyFit” is really OP! jump around like 1,000 times, & it gives you a
    permanent jump boost! & if you walk, or run, like 5,000 blocks, it gives
    you a permanent speed boost!?

  • Goku Saiyayin 43 4 years ago

    +Lanceypooh you are the best#Legion?

  • 1324hi 4 years ago

    So good. Thank you for making my day yet again. I recruited my mom and she
    subved. Lol. THANK YOU ! #Legion?

  • Squirrel Monkey 4 years ago

    Lancey, you should lure a feisty creeper to that meteor like you were
    talking about. They aren’t THAT dangerous, A walking tnt cannon doesn’t
    sound scary at all!?

  • peyton chase 4 years ago

    And ##LegionOP?

  • Keg Greenhouse 4 years ago

    Can’t Zero Gravity 2.0 be FTB Monster? Can you check to see please? It
    should work.?

  • yousaywhat0 4 years ago

    Lancey, you all most got that stone generator working, but you got it
    backwards. Stop the water from reaching the lava, and make the lava flow
    into the water?

  • cj kellogg 4 years ago

    Yo lancy…you never accepted the quest for the hang glider..if you get the
    obsidian pickaxe head you should be able to get the diamonds #legion?

  • Berkin Çetinta? 4 years ago

    Lance MyFit is a device that you get perks for the things you do. For
    example get enough damage and eventually you will get resistance. #Legion ?

  • Scp -049 Mark 4 years ago

    Lancey, can you tell me the schedule for lost at sea, because right now,
    its my alltime favorite series in all of youtube.

  • Daymon Cruz 4 years ago

    Lancey when are you going to post the next episode of lost at sea?

  • Logan Kula 4 years ago

    The unfit is good if you jump and all that you get power like jump boost
    speed strength etc if you do the right things.?

  • jacob thomas 4 years ago

    Hey lance this series is awesome and instead of legion it should be 403
    legions a legion is 1000 soldiers #403legions jk #legion?

  • Kalijah Mcdougal 4 years ago

    Yeah lancey ssundee did a mod review for the my fit mod and the more times
    you jump or sprint you get upgraded effects like Jump boost and strength
    from killing mobs its op but you have to work for it and for the hang
    glider when your gliding o think you have to push a certain button to go
    faster but just a tip your awesome Lancey #Legion?

  • Joe Sosulski 4 years ago

    Awesome vid as always Lanceypooh?

  • Moon321305 4 years ago

    Great episode Lancey xD look foward to more! #Legion?

  • Barkley Carroll 4 years ago

    Lancey! You don’t need to get a better pick. You can add mob heads to the
    pickaxe to upgrade it. Creeper heads mine copper, zombie heads mine iron,
    and skeleton heads mine redstone. GG?

  • Alex Budnik 4 years ago

    I love the fact that Lancey’s ice sword has fire aspect on it. LEL
    ^_^ #legion?

  • KINGOFDIAMONDS 2015 4 years ago

    Lancey I love all your videos your my favirote youtuber I’m happy to be a
    part of legion and I love eddies skin?

  • Alex Bjelich 4 years ago

    MyFit is awesome! You get buffs for doing things like jumping, mining,
    walking, etc. It’s really good if you want to be OP. Great video, Lance!?