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Minecraft video



  • Its Wolfie 11 months ago

    When Draco killed the guy and said I got the crystal let’s go I laughed so hard he acted no innocent XD plus I bet you lunar is the witch her twitter says totally not with lunar plus she’s not there DUN DUN DUNN XD IDK

  • The Singaporean Gamer !!!!!!!! 11 months ago

    C. Chi there just a ton don’t need a 888 mummy mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mum

  • The Singaporean Gamer !!!!!!!! 11 months ago

    Z wooden Fernando little blah blah blah blah bit later but the purple purple okay so the banana minimum the minimum order blah blah yeah at

  • Miraculous Kate 11 months ago

    Draco’s voice acting is really cool

  • Olivia Sims 11 months ago

    Happy Halloween if anyone reads this in the future I commmented this on Halloween

  • Yilke Vanschoubroeck 11 months ago

    When draco killed the guy and said :”I got the cristals lets go!”
    I was laughing so loud.

  • Yilke Vanschoubroeck 11 months ago


  • Karen Sullivan 11 months ago


  • Yammy yekko 11 months ago

    funneh the crazy Steve is talking Chinese he is telling nui mo (witch )

  • Ashley Lorenzo 11 months ago

    happy birthday!

  • Luxie Does! 11 months ago

    Innocent Draco!

  • AwesomeLili 098 11 months ago

    Happy bay funneh!!!!

  • jazzy land86 11 months ago

    happy birthday funneh it’s October 31st

  • TiaraGaming2005 11 months ago

    When Mayor said you could use some sleep and suddenly Funneh messed it up with some snoring sounds….

  • TiaraGaming2005 11 months ago

    I thought the traitor was Gary cuz he sabotaged the camera

  • Celeste Ting 11 months ago

    I nearing die of laughing as when funneh say she want to get her child

  • christy aurelia 11 months ago

    Funneh my name id Richi happy birthday Funneh and have a happy Halloween and a spooky Halloween

  • Christina Jessi 11 months ago

    Hi Funneh my name is Richi Happy birthday Funneh have a happy halloween and a spooky Halloween

  • Christina Jessi 11 months ago

    And this is a joke for the live stream why did the cookie go to the doctor beacause he felt crumy

  • BhaffyTheGymnast girl 11 months ago

    oh no funneh im so sorry im a late watcher potato cause i were trick or treating oh yeah are you gonna do live stream on your Bday?

  • Charles Johanne 11 months ago

    itsfunneh friend me on roblox Name: Ace_Expert123 you are my fan

  • cool girl H 11 months ago

    Hey we never see your face how come

  • Heloise Picard 11 months ago

    depict physically smoke differ criminal control retain drift.

  • Just_a_werdo xD 11 months ago

    Happy birthday or early birthday sorry I don’t check THE CALENDER *whispers* don’t judge…

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