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Herobrine visited my Minecraft 1.12.2 world…


Minecraft video



  • Dark Corners 1 month ago

    How scared did you get from this?
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  • Mohammad Hatta 1 month ago


  • NoobGamer101 9000 1 month ago

    I know a way to kill herobrine :D

    Get your dogs as far as possible and……….

    Nuke the world

  • James H 1 month ago

    I don’t think Herobrine is that bad compared to Entity 303 and Null

  • meow- chu 1 month ago

    Dark I think that some thing flew across the screen when you were at home

  • Nathan Fredrick N. Rosales 1 month ago

    dark you might need to improve your security system or build a hidden fortress full of you gear , food and iron golem

  • Perfecto Villar 1 month ago

    i think the herobrine that scared you was fake

  • Kateliciouss Canyete 1 month ago

    Wow creepy

  • Kevin Fox 1 month ago


  • MariahGaming 1 month ago

    I saw a sign go back to that world and go behide the srine and in the corner there was a sign

  • Ali Razvi 1 month ago

    I will find you

  • DaGGer Feed 1 month ago


  • Herobrine 1 month ago

  • Ralph Venter 1 month ago

    Seems legit

  • PanosGamer_YT 1 month ago

    9:18 is inside the shrinee look this now on ur vid. I was scared so bad ! i love ur scary vids

  • PanosGamer_YT 1 month ago

    do more vids with herobrine , charlie and other

  • Kenjhon Ecleo 1 month ago

    dark I think you been warned by Herobrine

  • aidan1515 PLAYZ 1 month ago

    i would of screamed this if i saw herobrine: AHH BRUH KILL THIS UGLY BLOWPOP SLENDERMAN WANNA BE

  • Jason Hughes 1 month ago

    How Do you Sumen HeroBrine?!

  • I WENT TO COLLEGE 1 month ago

    I got busy so I’m super late but I love you Dark!

  • Rolandas Juraitis 1 month ago

    09:43 herobrine at the shrine standing on fire

  • Gabriel Lepsch 1 month ago

    The sign in the corner of the shrine said begone just like in the tunnel

  • Youtuber RM 1 month ago

    9:03 THOT!

  • Susan Cravens 1 month ago

    2:29 herobrine

  • SCREAMeditonz Gaming 1 month ago

    I just love this channel, there is absolutely NO clickbait and it is a fun and entertaining channel to watch. Keep up the great work and we’ll shoot for 1 million!

  • Susan Cravens 1 month ago

    2:48 herobrine again

  • Péter Dobos 1 month ago

    i think its fake but im not sure

  • Rizwan Shaikh 1 month ago

    I saw him from ur shrine inside the base

  • Hivane D 1 month ago

    Are you sure that’s the true Herobrine? I know a youtuber which played and plays yet in this seed and he has found, with Herobrine, Null, sighting of Entity_303 (But he has never encounted with him), and Red Steve sightings(A steve with red t-shirt which lives in the nether). And Herobrine helps defending the player from evil entities (In this case Null, Entity_303 and The Red Steve) while yours want to annoying the player as the mods of him. I say this to you because the Herobrine which this youtuber encounted hasn’t the smile and when it was to close to him he was gets crashed. One time he’s get to close to Null and his computer gets completely crashed, than he resolve that and when he opened the game, all the world disappeared. I don’t he use mods because the entities which he encount don’t lead as the entities that you summon with a mod, he also encounted an entity with the snapshot version, always in the herobrine seed, he encounted an entity with a skin similar to Herobrine, that it seems he’s got killed drowning. If all that you’re doing is real, it shouldn’t be a bad idea to investigate.

  • Lieutenant Lesaro 1 month ago


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