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I try my hand at hot swap again. This time with


Minecraft video



  • David Wallace 10 months ago

    More please

  • Sam Cro 10 months ago

    Canadian power. Lmao!

  • Nc Games 10 months ago

    I like the hot swap

  • Spectre 6 10 months ago

    Ohh, Trillibytes has a lovely voice.

  • Popbottle160 10 months ago

    Hey Beef, I’m curious, but about the blackout. Was it because of a storm or are they just doing maintenance? I curious because, in case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE storms!

  • Josiah Rivera 10 months ago

    You should play pixelmon

  • Viperion_NZ 10 months ago

    Hotswap is cool – really interesting the way you have to deal with the mobs. More please!

  • Anthony Hoang 10 months ago

    Does beef still use Rogers internet?

  • Amanda Miller 10 months ago

    Did anyone els notice he said soore instead of score

  • Amanda Miller 10 months ago


  • suppeoples cot3 10 months ago

    Where the forest game play

  • wesbecool 10 months ago

    can’t remember, but are sheilds allowed?

  • Mr Frannk 10 months ago

    Love hotswap with beef!

  • WhatAboutSarah 10 months ago

    More hot swap, yay!

  • Dustin Hughes 10 months ago

    Hot Swap is awesome. More more more.

  • Uke Bec 10 months ago

    Love Hot Swap. More please.

  • Kevin Myers 10 months ago

    The suspense is killing me!!! Lol

  • Fnassau 10 months ago

    You did pretty good there Beef! Now I wanna beat your score ;)

  • 2Arcticwolves 10 months ago

    Love Hot Swap. :)

  • I love the Hot Swap. It looks like fun :O)

  • Yuki Wolf 10 months ago

    go beef go

  • Duncan Brown 10 months ago

    Hope the power is back up!

  • shaiQuera 10 months ago

    That was cool! You guys did well.

  • Jelle Swaanen 10 months ago

    I first thought you were playing deathswap :-)

  • Fuya Hanabi 10 months ago

    Poor Ritztopher. His hot swap legendary score will never be beaten.

  • Blair Ryan 10 months ago

    Does anyone know what happened to Beefs most recent mindcrack series i cannot find the videos?

  • Paul Kramer 10 months ago

    Are you sure it’s not one point per redstone ore? Shouldn’t you use a silk touch pick? I haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but that also really bugged me in the last episode.

  • Axel Yuliyanov 10 months ago

    Really enjoyes her Voice !

  • Nurse Lucy 10 months ago

    I like trilli. She’s nice and calm

  • Morpheas 10 months ago

    Trillibytes is an awesome partner!!

    Also, I freakin love Hot Swap, please please do more of them.

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