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A quick tutorial I made showing my easy process


Minecraft video



  • Olwen Litman 4 months ago

    you are an amazing builder and i love your channel :]

  • Benjagaming 06 4 months ago


  • Stizzk 4 months ago


  • Seyoun Kim 4 months ago

    Thanks I’m creating a dragon world and this helped A LOT

  • Sammyboy 4 months ago

    I wish i cud make dragons like this!
    Really well done

  • muzze _364 4 months ago


  • Teddy Girl 4 months ago

    Notices a new video, reads title, notices “simple”, looks at thumbnail, looks back at “simple”… Are you sure about this?

  • idontlikefries 4 months ago

    gemini, I have a queqtion, how whould you build it scale of a normal player, say 15-15 blocks? I think this would help for survival minecraft and/or a creatif build on that scale. however, thak you! for this amazing video! love your vids <3

  • CallMeAlpha 17 4 months ago

    godess-like building is what u have if that makes sense

  • Megatron Cybertron 4 months ago

    Omg…you’re so better then me

  • Georgie Brown 4 months ago

    Your such a good builder! I wish I was I’m like the worst I give up veryyy easily and I can’t seem to find good decent building tutorials or inspiration! Anyway you are like the best builder ever know to man I love you and your builds! From Georgie

  • Labrador Gaming 4 months ago

    Thank you for doing this

  • Jackson Hall 4 months ago

    When will your next underwater island video be? I always love watching the build and especially the inspiration

  • Luke Crawshaw 4 months ago

    Oh good she’s for once not using world edit

  • chewy play's 4 months ago

    Why are you the best youtuber

    Ps: i joined your discord server

  • James Lowrey 4 months ago

    I did want to make a dragon on survival mode so I’m glad you uploaded this video, and I’ve just realised that it’s gonna be a lot of work in survival

  • JoeySoldado 4 months ago

    Love you so much Gem! Amazing video

  • Karma the demon 4 months ago

    How about a tutorial on dragon builds for builders with a more chibi or minimalist style in minecraft? I know from experience that smaller builds are harder to do but stairs and slabs are a god-sent for this style but I can never get it to look good or as natural as yours do

  • BlueNerd Minecraft 4 months ago

    Wow amazing work Gemini, you make it look so easy. Great tutorial. I’ve never attempted to build a dragon but think I might give it go. Keep up the amazing work, great Inspiration

  • Sauron Ikov 4 months ago

    i build dragons all day, I’m really good at them

  • I’m actually really glad you’ve posted this, on a server there is currently a build comp and I wanted to incorporate a dragon, not quite like this one, more an eastern one but I was able to pick up some things from this one! Perhaps for a future tutorial, you could try an eastern dragon?
    Amazing video as always <3

  • Ayla Lopez y Zondervan 4 months ago

    I always wonder how people film like this

  • Tzacky Ariel 4 months ago

    What’s your favourite Mythical creature? ✨

  • JonathanCW 4 months ago

    Where’d you learn all this :0

  • Joselyn Mejia 4 months ago

    Wow this is so cool I love this

  • Kinsey Joram Kiamco 4 months ago

    You should join the hermitcraft

  • mitchell wall 4 months ago

    Wow this is amazing! I love how it looks in the spruce village build:)

  • julien tig 4 months ago

    Nothing is complete without a huge blue dragon…

  • EliasMat 4 months ago

    Can you try to use World painter i Can help you if you dont know how to do

  • Daniel McConnell 4 months ago

    This really, really helped! I’ve always loved Dragons and now I have a general idea on making them… The skeleton portion helped me learn about more “skeletal” builds as well! Well done Gemini. Keep it up!

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