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Minecraft video



  • The Racers 10 months ago


  • Minecraft Pro 10 months ago

    Report him

  • ΤΖΙΚ 10 months ago

    Πρεστον γαμας!!

  • Lord Star 10 months ago

    I was disclaimed when it said “INCLUDED PAID PRODUCTION”

  • Rey Gayle 10 months ago

    hashtag sellout mod

  • Mxtthewe 10 months ago

    Whats this texture pack?

  • Miles Playz MINECRAFT 10 months ago

    haha great video dude, i always look forward to your video appearing in my sub box. You inspired me to create my own DAILY MC channel! i’d appreciate if you could go check it out and give me pointers! Thanks!

  • epicman_ no1 10 months ago

    17k and 1. 17001 likes xD

  • Trex Castruita 10 months ago

    play that shulker game again thats like money wars except thers shulkers plzzzzzzz like if you agree

  • DMYisawesome 10 months ago

    Oh! It’s sponsored! Totally didn’t see that coming!!! LOL

  • Chris aldas 10 months ago

    At 0:04 he sounds like a cartoon laughing

  • DR Gamerz 10 months ago

    Preston if you have anything to be mined with a specific tool cover it all with wool and then they won’t no to bring the needed tool

  • Spirit Wolves Vlogs and Gaming 10 months ago

    What is the texture pack Preston used?

  • Ashcash Gaming 10 months ago


  • Morgan Taylor 10 months ago

    Please do it more I miss it

  • reacting time 101 10 months ago

    Preston:We got to go back for yellow dude. Me:dude aren’t you yellow

  • Ife Solo 10 months ago

    Did anyone catch Prison’s face at 1:12

  • Jarrod Groves 10 months ago


  • MagicMaster 10 months ago

    Unsub4 unsub

  • Abhishek Iyer 10 months ago


  • lilsperlo 10 months ago

    what did you guys think of the skin I made that shotgun was wearing

  • SAFIN TAQI 10 months ago

    Congrats on 5m

  • catherine vendivel 10 months ago

    texture pack pls give me link

  • Bästa Korvgubben 10 months ago

    What’s the texturepack?


    She rage quit Olololololololololololololol

  • Lava Crusher 10 months ago

    Preston is a pro sub to him

  • Grace Ochoa 10 months ago

    can you play with me on multiplayer master

  • Samuel Conley 10 months ago


  • Mohammad 1122 10 months ago

    I love you

  • Tiona Burnett 10 months ago

    Who thinks Preston actually would have lost just because he didn’t have enough confident but with the vidabace it gave him a lot of confidence

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