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Today we play the Millionaire Mod Pack and try to


Minecraft video



  • Michael Cheatwood 1 year ago

    Biffle is not a turtle he is a WARTORTLE

  • Michael Cheatwood 1 year ago

    Am I too turtley for the turtle club ?

  • thomas edbert 1 year ago

    He is UnBenible…..

  • 1 none 1 year ago

    Ben scotland is better than england though

  • Elliot Gray Seland 1 year ago


  • mbbro 21 1 year ago

    I guess he will have $327,452 100% I didn’t look at the title totallyyyyyyy ;)

  • xXSKELLY BONExX 1 year ago

    Pls don’t stop this at 1M dollars pls

  • Joe Byers 1 year ago

    your the best jerome!!!!

  • Lucas Hardy 1 year ago

    England is the best

  • king-gamer 1 year ago

    I’m Irish and I would buy a shirt if it was good off a random person

  • skidogboom gaming 1 year ago

    Scotland is my city

  • The Cannonbuilder YT 1 year ago

    do thaumcraft next episode

  • elliot oldham 1 year ago


  • elliot oldham 1 year ago

    My dad owns a ice cream factory but u will have to come to England

  • elliot oldham 1 year ago

    I agree Ben England is better then America

  • DJ God Player 1 year ago

    Do more ark please like this if you argue with me

  • Hawks Eye 1 year ago

    My fellow Canadians and I are offended

  • RazzieGaming 1 year ago

    Jerome you can sell most of the ingots it’s just called example shiny and platinum!!

  • Fluffyvader 1 year ago

    Why do I get the feeling that he hit a bucbh of random numbers for the title

  • Yami Bakura 1 year ago

    3:38 Um….

  • Wiggles Biggles 1 year ago

    I’m part Irish so I feel the same when my teacher would say good morning it’s so award for me

  • Kathleen Alcock 1 year ago

    Are we able to download and play this modpack?

  • 6NOGames 1 year ago

    What’s up, ladies and gentlemen. If you are reading this then remember that you are BEAUTIFUL! Don’t EVER change! You were born for a reason and that reason is to be YOURSELF! Don’t forget THAT! <3
    -From a YouTuber with a dream!

  • Derslayr Modded! 1 year ago

    Hey guys, you can search for more than one thing in NEI at a time by using the concatenate bar (the one that allows you to do | this) in the search bar! great for lengthy crafts with lots of items!

  • FreTexz _ 1 year ago

    Vain miner with the hammer????

  • Grant Young 1 year ago

    i am color blind too and ban ben

  • Prokidgamer 1 year ago

    whats baca + spageti = bacgeti

  • subforsubguywithchannel 1 year ago

    Sub to me if you want a sub comment on my video saying done if subbed

  • The Imperfectionist 1 year ago

    just a tip for Jerome and the others;

    in tinker’s construct, you can put a crafting station adjacent to a tool station. If you do this you can put 8 modifier items around a tool at one time and cut WAY down on time.

  • ALEX BoY 1 year ago

    #benhatescolorblindpepole I am colorblind too

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