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How To Make an UNDERWATER House In Minecraft! new


Minecraft video



  • bargon viktor 10 months ago

    Um what happens when drowned flood your house?

  • Heather Duschek 10 months ago

    What happened to tartus?? (sorry if I spelt that wrong) I reallly miss him

  • Ella Thoeny 10 months ago

    is the updated even out yet

  • Duncan McCrostie 10 months ago

    This is for Grian

    I was not very good with building because I had no ideas but your builds gave me ideas I never would have gotten better at it if it wasn’t for you thank you it means a lot that I can make a building in Minecraft without it looking completely horrible and that I can get my brother to nicely say what they look like once again thank you

  • 16:27, What happened?!

  • Sri Julianti 10 months ago

    make pokemon mt silver

  • BlueKavet 10 months ago

    16:26 What happened there? XD

  • CHAOS PRO 10 months ago

    Whelp… time to get an hour of materials.. /=

  • viktor malheiro 10 months ago

    hey grian could you please support my channel? i have been subscribed to you for a while now and i really am desperate

  • Ardell Vito 10 months ago


  • im a member of fairytail maybe not 10 months ago

    How do you remove water ?
    Thas my problem

  • Keenan Gerona 10 months ago

    Dat is da wae! Undir da watre! *Clock clock clock*

  • TheCommentGuy 10 months ago

    I don’t think wood would work well under water (talking about real life logic)

  • JhunleeXD 10 months ago

    How you drain it

  • Heckie Deckie 10 months ago

    Grian is Moses 2018

  • NoobyMan 10 months ago

    i got lag snapshot

  • NoobyMan 10 months ago

    and can you make a not modern
    i hate underwater modern houses
    but i like ground modern house

  • Alice-Cartelet 10 months ago

    Oh this is new I thought it was old

  • 404 303 10 months ago

    World download?

  • Judelson Lapuz 10 months ago

    Your still the best bro

  • Exequiel Punzalan 10 months ago

    I wanna learn how to design nicely like you man and the mind of mumo for redstone

  • Exequiel Punzalan 10 months ago

    Im waondering how did he do the effect of the water

  • Tim Pop's 10 months ago

    Can you do somes League of Legends and Wynncraft please , your builds are awesome (and your trolls too xD ) but you do only this :/

  • Arin Hamarashid 10 months ago

    It sounds like your parents wanted to name you Brian but said screw it let’s put a g instead of b

  • Alex Miles 10 months ago

    how do I get 1.13? is it even released yet?

  • witherboy 101 10 months ago

    Martyn and Timmy/Jimmy took over as Mayer of Evo help put taurtis back as mayer

  • Bumbo Jumbo 10 months ago

    :U I can can only say…. WHUT!!??

  • Bumbo Jumbo 10 months ago
  • Nightmare Puppet 10 months ago

    Commande please 2:03

  • LIAM AWESOME PANTS 10 months ago


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