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Make custom advancements or achievements super


Minecraft video



  • Vidonjac 1 8 months ago

    Whats the name of a cat …
    Is it OmgChaddy?

  • Chand Singh 8 months ago

    I want your cat

  • firemage2840 Minecraft and more 8 months ago

    Luv dat cat

  • Jesses Spazzing Out 8 months ago

    Dawwww kitty

  • DroopeAnimations 8 months ago

    your little kitty its so cute!!! =)

  • 223kruk 8 months ago

    das ist einen Katzen

  • DetailedTuber 8 months ago

    wait! c for cat and c for christmas :O

  • alysa toribio 8 months ago

    Why U Have Cat

  • pushpa upadhyaya 8 months ago

    6.4K lol

  • HSB THE GREAT 8 months ago

    Can u please tell me how to use skin customization option becase i want to have dual skin-one camouflage and the other one which i use normally. Thanks!!!

  • Slijm 8 months ago

    i love his cat :)

  • Let's microwave vlogs 8 months ago


  • Hesam Baniabbasi 8 months ago

    I need to buy a cat

  • idiot gaming 8 months ago

    your cat is so cute

  • Susimummo 8 months ago

    Where’s the adult kitty?

  • Sheriff. Purple 8 months ago


  • CharlieGamimg 8 months ago

    xD the cat

  • TheDanielHero 8 months ago

    Advancement got
    You cheated in the game
    Desc: great you cheater now

  • xatuna miqeladze 8 months ago

    OMGcraft thanks for custom advancements and I think your cat is so cute and frolicsome!

  • AM Channel 8 months ago

    The cat lol

  • EthanTheKoala x3 8 months ago


  • Joel Hudson 8 months ago

    OMGChad I see you have a new boss (JacktheBlack Cat)

  • Nugget 8 months ago

    I think Jack is trying to find out how to use that TNT.

  • KingNekron 3 8 months ago

    How do you you keep your server running scince ive set up a server i still have to open up my server starter or else my server wont work so how can you make your server 24/7?

  • Gabriel Gamer 633 8 months ago

    That’s a Cute Looking cat

  • Demon King 8 months ago

    Change your setup to the old one please

  • Daylyn Manal 8 months ago

    What version to be used?

  • Elizabeth Majdanska 8 months ago

    That cat in the intro holding on for dear life

  • Question Mark 8 months ago

    Cute cat! Yaaaaayy!

  • Lemon End Gaming l 8 months ago

    lol da cat (99% of comments are about it)

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