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  • Shehroz Amer 10 months ago

    Message to all the Vikk fanboys.

    Pls stop spamming “Vikks streaming” in the chat. It’s kinda harsh on Quiff when he loses half his viewers and then u guys start spamming that and telling others to leave.
    If he starts streaming, cool go watch him but don’t start spamming it in the chat or else it might offend Quiff.

  • Alandis 10 months ago

    When your comment is 4th

  • HiWorld 10 months ago

    I . . I
    /I —– I/
    _I I_

  • Zak Winstead 10 months ago

    Still says live, seems legit (yw polecat324)

  • Macaulay sucks jordan moobs 10 months ago

    dont know which is better your hair or beard

  • TheInfamousQuiff - Daily Minecraft Videos 10 months ago

    Appreciate all the support on the H4M Series! does mean alot! <3

  • Joshiboy145 10 months ago


  • JamesPlaysGames 10 months ago

    Fuck you , you killed vik you cunt

  • Beast Pete 10 months ago

    you should get a key cause they are removing the chest from there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Frome 10 months ago

    Anyone else here because Twitch is down :/

  • Raymon Hermosa 10 months ago

    Quif you weren’t suppose get a loot box key cuz da admins said that they remove it cuz vikk found it and they said only the first team to find it can get it

  • Aydan Street 10 months ago

    Lakke’s strategy is so floured.vik just rushes the dungeon and most of the time it’s successful but lakke strategy takes so long and by the end of the dungeon it’s been 30min try to do a dungeon with vik it a huge difference

  • Aydan Street 10 months ago

    Also there no randomness to the dungeon lever bit it’s a troll that floran did watch vik stream if u don’t trust me

  • Ahmed Mohamed 10 months ago

    U died why did you get your rewards abuser

  • Luqman Hakeem Khairrazi 10 months ago

    Why do I have a feeling that Quiff is going to abuse the pvp arena legendary book ? He even duel off stream and on kenny’s he keep opening book . He said his sword got destroyed and he atill has a god sword . Like how

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