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Minecraft video



  • Joshua David 1 year ago

    I subscribed

  • Christina Sutherland 1 year ago

    hi please make a live video

  • Shawaaf Al Islam 1 year ago

    Make a series please

  • SlapMeToSleep 1 year ago


  • SlapMeToSleep 1 year ago

    Dan havent get these much likes in quite a while :D

  • James Laker 1 year ago

    lol I tipped it to 300 k

  • Melissa Bees 1 year ago

    I know about it…. I watch you… I watch you sleep, eat, play, poop,make videos (in back round) I’m watching you dantdm

  • EmeraldPotato 1 year ago

    To get diamonds to you you can throw a diamond at a zombie and it also will give you the achievement.

  • The Golden Gamlogs// DJRyciie PC 1 year ago

    almost 300,000 likes!

  • Patsy Murray 1 year ago

    I can help with achievements
    1.=IRON BELLY …..Stop starving with rotten flesh
    2=ARCHER……..Kill a creeper with arrows and a bow
    3=THE LIE……Bake a cake
    4=THE END?…..Enter the End portle
    5=THE END…….Kill the Ender Dragon
    6=THE END…. AGAIN. …..Respawn the Ender Dragon(with the crystals)
    7=RETURN TO SENDER…..Hit a ghastly with its own fire ball
    8=YOU NEED A MINT……Colect Dragons breat in a glass bottle
    9=THE BEGINNING?….Spawn the Wither
    10=THE BEGINNING. ….Kill the Wither
    thank you for reading this message :D

  • Mineshaft Gamers 1 year ago

    Dan you should put ur map in your offhand!!

  • Jax 14 1 year ago

    Do it

  • Timothy Petriyenko 1 year ago

    Wait if he didn’t get the wood pick till now how did he get the stone to get the iron

  • Timothy Petriyenko 1 year ago

    It’s my 9 Birthday so can I get 9 likes

  • Irresponsible Cat 1 year ago


  • noobslayer 1 year ago

    dan u started doing this right after I told my siblings I would be doing it

  • Angelo Toten 1 year ago


  • origia1l ma1ns 1 year ago

    dan can you do a five nights at freddys sister location do very hard golden freddy finsh it a new something is comeing

  • Ayman Khan 1 year ago

    who remember never ending nether

  • tristan jacinto 1 year ago

    people say that on roblox that denis and you ruin roblox but i dont believe that cuase im your fan

  • Video Gamer 65 1 year ago

    for the bow you have to shoot a skeleton from 50 blocks away

  • Beverley Spence 1 year ago

    Adan u should play rolling sky


  • Franco Games Martinez 1 year ago

    im so sorry too my other grandma died

  • Franco Games Martinez 1 year ago

    can I get ten subscribers and ten likes please i will shout you out

  • joshua herringa 1 year ago

    you can bilud a inchanting table

  • Nathaniel Z 1 year ago

    Rispondi same

  • Justin Warren 1 year ago

    In my herobrine world I have a mushroom biome the rarest and favorite biome

  • Riley Webster 1 year ago

    dan you do not need to throw it to someone you face up and then throw it

  • Dominique Green 1 year ago

    Dan make a cake and the next epsiode

  • Phil Brunton 1 year ago

    Dan I built a massive nether portal and I spawned in the biggest nether fortress ever

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