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Minecraft video



  • Monkay 1 week ago


  • IT'S ME VIK 1 week ago

    Are u in sonic skin
    Show it or paramount made this worst too

  • Lottie Loup 1 week ago

    If you listen closely you can actually hear jeffree star laughing

  • ZidderPlay __ 1 week ago


  • UDO IS GOD 1 week ago


  • Exo_ tic 1 week ago

    *H I S I S T E R S*

  • Everblue 22 1 week ago

    The ghast that deliberately goes after straight players

  • Totally not the flash :3 1 week ago

    Poor guy, didn’t stand a chance to run from this menace…

  • at least the ghast is acting out of instinct

  • Noah & Anthani 1 week ago

    So juciy baby

  • Juan Estrella 1 week ago


  • Morgan Man 1 week ago

    *-More like James Charles turned into a ghast-*

  • brave blast123 1 week ago

    I had enough of James Charles now.

  • *James Charles approves this*

  • Just Kidding 1 week ago

    Did anyone noticed, that he still has the sonic skin? xd

  • Mackenzie 1 week ago

    I laughed so hard at those last seconds

  • Mike Wazoski 1 week ago

    Not even Sans could defeat him.

  • Pepsi is good 1 week ago

    I love my recommendations

  • Bobay Bizzle 1 week ago

    Now they’re _REALLY_ scary

  • [ boiledfries ] 1 week ago

    I want to die

  • Emil K. 1 week ago

    At least put orgasm warning >.> My dad was in my room :(

  • ángelic msp 1 week ago

    bYE sisTERs

  • Chester aka. Mr. Broken English 1 week ago


  • ángelic msp 1 week ago

    straight boys: *alive*

    james charles: *hippety hoppity this is now my property*

  • Eye eye Captain 1 week ago

    Quick get the holy water

  • Vrinda Bhargava 1 week ago

    No one-
    Literally no one-

    People in comments –
    *_James Charles kissed you like to undo_*
    *_James Charles hugged you like to undo_* *_James Charles married you like to undo_*

  • Beerus 1 week ago

    Our next goal will be James Charles losing every active subscriber

  • veronica 1 week ago

    0:28 im scared my hands are shaking right now

  • Hype 1 week ago

    pls download

  • Billy Sr. Mick 1 week ago



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