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Since you guys seemed to love seeing what would


Minecraft video



  • ExplodingTNT 11 months ago


  • KatLadyR 11 months ago

    If purple shep got cloned over and over and over and over 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times.

  • CrazyUnspeakable Girl 11 months ago

    I am never going to play roblix again…

  • diamond armor candy lover channel 11 months ago

    Plz do if Uganda knuckles played minecraft or else I will eat all of your cheese

  • eric bari 11 months ago

    Hey ExplodingTNT Do if Mobile Legends Take Over Minecraft Or i steal Your cheese

  • Patrick Gamer Gaming TM 11 months ago

    Minebux kind of already is in mc but it’s just money

  • Minecraft swiming 11 months ago

    If ExplodingTNT be a owner Minecraft

    If Purple sheep join Hypixel serwer

    If ONLY 1 block in minecraft

    If grass be a deadbush

    If tree be a lava

    If you can’t swim

    Plis record ExplodingTNT

  • Kamil Potrykus 11 months ago

    Grounded??? This video i want

  • DIE UNBEKANNTEN 11 months ago

    If Pink sheep the president from minecraft

  • Icey Ice08 11 months ago

    if there are no diamond s in Minecraft:)

  • Xipc CK 11 months ago

    If Jeb added toilets

  • iQUEENiRULE :P 11 months ago

    hey explodingtnt can u make another q&a video?

  • iQUEENiRULE :P 11 months ago

    i really like them

  • Pokemon Master 11 months ago

    Hey exploding TNT is just 12years ,he lives in India and banglore and study’s in my school which is Carmel School

  • Arabic Gamer 11 months ago

    Tnt lolololololololollolololoĺ

  • Simon Chin Chee Fei 11 months ago

    If Jeb took over minecraft

  • Simon Chin Chee Fei 11 months ago

    You are super stupid exploding TNT even stupidest as purple shep

  • Nadhif Shevaleri 11 months ago

    are your real name is andy tsintaris?

  • Minecraft Geek 11 months ago

    Pls pls pls pls pls (i could go on for 2357904569987542222846 times) create lost in space part 2/episode 2.
    I would be happier if there were new episodes cming weekly (daily would be better

  • Samuel Kabong 11 months ago

    if undertale took over minecraft ? XD

  • PiggyMustPlay -RBLX 11 months ago

    Is Purple Shep switched places with Pink Sheep

  • StayRolex 7 11 months ago


  • DemmyIceTube 11 months ago

    If ExplodingTNT was the owner of minecraft(please do it i will give you cheese!!)

  • Aaron Marqz 11 months ago

    make if noob took over minecraft

  • FredSans The Cringe Animator? 11 months ago

    They are already added minebux in mcpe,mc win 10 edition and mc legacy console edition named minecoins

  • szym2009 Sajg 11 months ago

    If Minecraft was made from beds

  • LucaSantangelo 11 months ago

    Minecraft sucks now BEACUSE MICROSOFT WAS QUIT SKINS!!!!!!!! MOTHER*******S

  • Sarah Almestarihi 11 months ago

    If noobs took over mine craft

  • Wat War 11 months ago

    Do If Tryhards Took over Minecraft

  • Sarah Almestarihi 11 months ago

    If liz had a boyfriend

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