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Minecraft video



  • John Paul 1 month ago


  • John Paul 1 month ago

    I love Minecraft videos!!

  • Mister Salty 1 month ago

    1+1 doesn’t equal 3 it equals 11

  • Monsterkillinggamer 1 month ago

    See this is not necessarily what I subbed for, but this is what I enjoy to watch. Not those top 50 Reddit posts and stuff like that.
    This is so much better in my head

  • Pahvilaatikko13 1 month ago

    The thumbnail should have “2+2=4?”

  • JL YT's Custom Lego Creations 1 month ago

    do you really not know that you can sneak over the edges of blocksIt doesn’t require years of playing

  • MarvelX42 1 month ago

    Yeah, the whole point that you were supposed to just give up was great.

  • yasir gujjar 1 month ago

    1 + 1 is equal to 3 but you wouldn’t understand as you’ve never left your mother’s basement and been with a woman…..

  • Cool Noodl3 1 month ago

    yay new video

  • JASPER DANGLER 1 month ago


  • Votr 2.0 1 month ago

    Such a great video. Every video is bigger experience.

  • TheInfectedCaptain 1 month ago

    i didint know that captainsparklez swears

  • ErraticFish59 1 month ago

    1 + 1 = 3

  • Don't Say My Name 1 month ago

    I’m so glad you’re still making Minecraft videos

  • WhitePencil 1 month ago

    who else was screaming at jordan to put it in his off hand when he was holding the purple dimension?

  • the master gaming 1 month ago

    I’m early

  • Bionicl 1 month ago

    Winston Smith,

    2+2 is 5.

  • Thomas Kloosterman 1 month ago

    10 mil subs??! Bots.

  • TheGamingPug 1 month ago

    2+2=4-1 That’s 7 quick maths

  • Codq HD 1 month ago

    This was suggested on my simplynailogical video.

  • MitchMash24069 1 month ago

    Xeen is a good guy and all but I don’t watch a lot of your vids now bc you play only with him so much

  • Retr0._.K 1 month ago

    Hey the odds1′sout

  • Tripwire Gamer 1 month ago

    Need help with parkout? Call 360-Preston

  • ryukuroichigo 1 month ago

    So I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’m trying to make some knock back sticks but every command I’ve found isn’t working. I’m using the windows 10 version.

  • Robinhood Ryoku 1 month ago

    Why do you have so many likes? it doesn’t make sense

  • isaac bordewyk 1 month ago

    CS: I have a stick.

  • Bloink Schploink 1 month ago

    Dead channel

  • SkellyGhost 1 month ago

    Live this game

  • Steven Christian 1 month ago

    You can litterally press f3 and see if there’s a barrier block fro gm2

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