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  • Starman Gaming 2 months ago

    Jardon, here’s whatcha gonna do:
    Captain +(Trident +(Impaling V + Mending + Loyalty III + Riptide III + Channeling MAX + Sharpness V)) = Most OP Minecraft YouTuber in History! Also, anyone also wanting Mojang to add in magic for stuff other than armor and tools? I can see Steve casting fire and teleportation spells like nothing.

  • brandon shultz 2 months ago

    if you put unbreaking 3 and repairing it would break

  • JARDON!!!! YOU FORGOT CHANNELING!!!! (you can only use it in Thunderstorms and Riptide works in rain as well(so it’s good for Elytra))

  • John Doe 2 months ago

    who else saw that he drank the one without glowstone

  • Richard Waterman 2 months ago

    You forgot lightning.

  • BigJB21 2 months ago

    Non-Enchanted wooden hoe with 10% durability left > Trident

  • Florian Humer 2 months ago

    Best update since 1.11

  • Darkstone _OFFICIAL_ 2 months ago

    If you use the basic Potion of the Turtle Master and a speed 2 potion, you can negate half of the speed loss and only have slowness 2 basically. Or if you have some sorta plugin like Slimefun with a bunch of speed boosting armor, then it makes your slowness debuff nonexistant just giving you straight resistance 4, alongside your op armor making you a literally unkillable murdering machine.

  • Solrex the Sun King 2 months ago

    Doesn’t resistance 5/V make you invincible regardless? Edit: Potion effects like the wither debuff could still hurt you I suppose.

  • rotten flesh 2 months ago

    Love the update

  • Noah Wattel 2 months ago

    So it’s basically mjölnir

  • Lucy Martin 2 months ago

    Also if you drop items in water it will float up

  • Jake1702 2 months ago

    Potion of Turtle Master (lvl 2) + Speed IV?

  • Symbro 2 months ago

    what happens if your inventory is full… and you pick up an item after throwing the trident?

  • gotsmonus 2 months ago

    wooden hoe best weapon, no contest, BOOM *drop mic*

  • Travminer123 2 months ago

    You missed an enchantment

  • Dale White 2 months ago

    With resistance 6 you can’t die

  • naz five 2 months ago

    JARDON!, u should get the gang back together and than do trinity island season 2 when this version gets released im hands down for that series (everyone like if u agree )

  • Tyler Running 2 months ago

    *Drinks Potion* “Do you know who I am? I’m the Juggernaut B****”

  • Lance Arthur 2 months ago

    you can use a swiftness potion and o normal speed

  • DA Chicken 2 months ago

    ? … he die

  • Jasper Nham 2 months ago


  • Christopher Rice 2 months ago

    They added SpaceX to Minecraft!

  • Calvin Fisher 2 months ago

    we needed these updates on trinity island.

  • Redpandamania 2 months ago

    nah fam the best weapon is the bed

  • Games are life 2 months ago

    Minecraft is know more advanced than infinite warfare

  • EragonShadeslayer 2 months ago

    dayum pardon. lookin young

  • King Crystal 2 months ago

    drink a speed potion and the turtle master potion durrrr

  • Zero Bahamut 2 months ago

    im happy that waterfall elevators are practical again

  • happysongs4kyrone 2 months ago

    CHANELLING! You missed it.

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