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Minecraft IT is a scary roleplay in minecraft


Minecraft video



  • Caleb Keys 1 year ago

    first like

  • Wolf Boy 77 1 year ago

    Hey kraken

  • Cpt Ragefan 1 year ago

    Cody’s pennywises voice needs a little work lol try using voice auto tune thing idk

  • Tamara Fisher 1 year ago

    Pls play roblox

  • Mona H 1 year ago

    first comment

  • Jacob H 1 year ago


  • CrAzY mAnIaC 1 year ago

    At 3:25 you can see cody out the window

  • Cris Delgado 1 year ago


  • leahloves minecraft 1 year ago

    Clowns make me freak out I hate them they’re so creepy

  • Shadow Gamer Monster 1 year ago

    Do more Creeper rolplay

  • neko overkill 807 1 year ago

    You should do more of this

  • thedarknightfox yt 1 year ago

    Is Joe back

  • Coco Colors 1 year ago

    I could tell the clown was cody

  • Realpirate Mates 1 year ago

    Wtf is with codys voice

  • Starjohnson HD 1 year ago

    Cody is an excellent Pennywise!

  • Bre B 1 year ago

    I am in IT

  • Thomas Ewart 1 year ago

    Please make more it roleplay

  • Cool Bloon 1 year ago

    Your not a humen

  • sarah mcgrew 1 year ago

    hi love your vids

  • MISSChloeJ 1 year ago

    It’s so creepy

  • Hayley Yauger 1 year ago

    I jumped out of my seat like 20000 times

  • Andrea Woods 1 year ago

    Ep 2 pls

  • Muniez NationX6 1 year ago

    Fuking cool

  • Michael Cunningham 1 year ago


  • Sidd Gaming 1 year ago

    chicky chick head kraken krak head ity IT head fnafy nafy whos your dady dy dy poop fart poo pants
    poopy pop
    cmvjbmjvbbfhgvbjgckhvnhgjchjbhjmgbhnmjgmjbfnhbjgbgfknmvjhfjbfmhvgjbn,fjng,b,bn,gj nhb,jg mjvhjvfmgjmnhvm

  • Legendaryslime09 1 year ago

    what was with that jump scare “KAYARE!!!”

  • SparkleYay 1 year ago


  • Jerardo Henriquez 1 year ago

    I like it

  • Kitten Swag8 1 year ago

    You’ll float to you’ll float tooooooooooooo

  • K100 world 1 year ago


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