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Jurassic World Origins LIVE #1.5 (Dinosaur Mod


Minecraft video



  • Lea-ann BLACK 6 months ago

    I so agree with Jim Johnson
    Play ark

  • Black Wolf 6 months ago

    You miss so many parasaur egg

  • Paul Ng 6 months ago


  • Paul Ng 6 months ago


  • bearfiregaming 6 months ago

    You will be an expert at dinosaurs with something called google

  • Ryan pheonix 6 months ago

    Make a mevoda lizard

  • Inah Lague 6 months ago

    Happy birth day :) spino

  • SteveMaple228 Insung 6 months ago

    Xylo,you son of a gun, I love Dinosaurs so much, that in my old school they call me Dinoboy because I always draw, talk,learn about dinosaurs, so I hope you understand?

  • Sabrina Roast 6 months ago


  • Sabrina Roast 6 months ago


  • Sabrina Roast 6 months ago

    do a full seris

  • Zinga East 6 months ago

    that was no silly gator Xylo that was a sarcosuchus. you silly Xylo

  • Bekfast Brayden 6 months ago

    That dinosaur, Xylo, you saw, it was most likely to be a Sarchosaurus.

  • Will Snyder 6 months ago


  • Dylan Flores AVP 6 months ago

    Hey the other guys you met are spy’s and are killing dodos

  • WingedHERO 6 months ago

    Xylo should make a tyrannosaurs and name it TYRANNO INFINITY

  • Isaiah Brown 6 months ago

    Hatch a small dinosaur and name it the little d

  • Xavier Watts 6 months ago

    Isn’t Hannah in this origin

  • WingedHERO 6 months ago

    57:56 Helicopter come into this cave and pic me up XD

  • WingedHERO 6 months ago

    1:00:43 cause using leaves last time worked so well

  • andy taylor 6 months ago

    Panda and Ritchie are in a storeroom

  • DeathStiker Reborn 6 months ago

    Nice job at making the stream and thank YOU for making a new series of Jurassic world. I thought you would never make it again!

  • Doug Vail 6 months ago

    why is mev in the chat is he spying lol

  • Picard Washington 6 months ago

    hay xylo

  • Picard Washington 6 months ago

    dont kill anything

  • Elia sandoval 6 months ago

    I love chimicongos

  • Aaron Pike 5 months ago

    Your the best

  • Heather Kunz 5 months ago


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