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What started out as a simple quest for gold turned into a six hour test of the true patience and mental capabilities of everyone in Achievement Hunter…these are their stories. RT Store:…

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  • RevengeRabbit 5 years ago

    xbox one for ya fokes!?

  • halofornoobs93 5 years ago

    This episode was funny only because of the commentary and deaths. The
    actual Let’s Play itself was awful and horribly built. Matt and Jeremy
    built some neat stuff but they really never check to see if it actually
    works as well as it should. I am not trying to bash them at all but their
    job is the build shit. This video could have been so much better if the
    build was done better. Gavin and Ryan are the clear MVPs of this one while
    Ray and Jack both might as well have not even been there. The thing about
    Geoff and Gavin’s builds is that even though they looked pretty bad, they
    usually worked well. Ray probably would have been more lively if the Let’s
    Play went at a more bearable pace. Matt, Jeremy, and Lindsay need to step
    it up because AH can only keep things afloat with their fantastic
    commentary for so long.?

  • Hacksaw606 5 years ago

    Warning: Shit gets really fucking funny after 32:25.?

  • Clevertrousers 5 years ago

    Why is Ray in the Minecraft videos still? Dude adds nothing and just
    complains about having to play Minecraft the whole video. Boo hoo you get
    paid to play video games.?

  • Royal Tyger's Media 5 years ago

    silverfish blocks are slower to brake than normal blocks.?

  • Dante 5 years ago

    *Sigh* these just aren’t entertaining anymore :( ?

  • Clayton Nickerson 5 years ago

    I love how Ray complains about playing minecraft. You play video games for
    a living, stop your fucking bitching. ?

  • Steel Legionnaire 5 years ago

    2013: stop the bullying
    2014: start the bullying.
    2015: increase the bullying. The Achievement Hunters said it to be so and
    they’ve delivered. I’m 100% satisfied with this letsplay; God I can’t wait
    to see animated versions of Michael and Ryan’s “cock-topia” commercial.?

  • MrNonameloser 5 years ago

    You guys realize that you dont NEED to play minecraft anymore right? These
    past couple have been good but they’ve been really boring lately. If you
    guys arent having fun anymore just dont play. If its not fun for you it
    wont be fun for us.?

  • MEJB7 5 years ago

    why bother having a lets play schedule if you dont even follow it. Pre
    recorded videos that im sure are editing at least a few days in advance and
    they release it after midnight (their time)?

  • murmaider2 5 years ago

    ever since Geoff and Gavin stopped being the makers of the lets plays they
    really started to suck. Like these vids are still hilarious cuz its them
    but the maps suck. The other guys don’t know how to make a fun playable
    map. They overdid it with the silverfish, gold was way too scarce. You can
    see they just stopped giving a fuck about doing the lets play, and its been
    happening a lot.?

  • Scoots IsAwshume 5 years ago

    This whole let’s play was an amazing train wreck xD?

  • Jacob Chavarria 5 years ago

    Jack is my favorite achievement hunter

    There I said it!?

  • MrSerialX 5 years ago

    “Are you stomping grapes over there”.. Jack haters can go fuck themselves,
    that shit was fucking hilarious.?

  • CobraSnatch 5 years ago

    No hate but who ever edits these videos really needs to work on common
    sense. When something is happening to someone why would you switch to
    someone who is just mining cobble??

  • Mitchell Rossman 5 years ago

    This Let’s Play was a huge fail but it was absolutely hilarious and one of
    their funniest
    Mega Dig X – 4 times as big, only 4 blocks of gold. But none of them are
    blocks, it’s just ingots. And they’re not allowed to kill each other with
    weapons, only environmental stuff. And there will be silver fish?

  • Lerad 5 years ago

    I love how this is less of a Let’s Play and more of a psychoanalysis of the
    slow descent into madness of a few broken men.?

  • thesheepthatwentmooo 5 years ago

    Best video in a while! Kdin, you’re the man for working so hard to try and
    get this on time! KDIN FOR PRESIDENT! ?

  • ScavChurch 5 years ago

    Is it just me or every time Ray speaks you kinda just hear
    “All around me are familiar faces…worn out places”?

  • Tavo Taper 5 years ago

    I am not a jack hater but I can see why people hate on him. He only cares
    about winning the game. We are here for their commentary not their
    gameplay. Jack’s gameplay is great but his commentary isn’t that good. Ray
    has good gameplay and great one liners. Michael, Ryan, and Gavin owned this
    let’s play.?